Southern Quebec should receive between 30 and 40 cm of snow

montreal-cette-premiere-tempete-hivernale(Montreal) The first of the year snow storm in southern Quebec will hit with full force now, while a depression coming from the United States will meet an Arctic air mass over our regions.

“It is expected the first big snowfall, south of a line between the Témiscamingue and Mauricie, to the US border, said yesterday Eve-Marie Giguère, meteorologist at Environment Canada. Is provided between 30 to 40 cm in the whole area. ”

Rainfall will intensify early this morning and remain strong until the evening. Both peak hours will therefore affected.

“Good gusts” of the northeast will cause blowing snow.

“If one has the opportunity to delay his travel to Wednesday, it would be a good idea,” said Ms. Giguère.

The sleet probabilities are high along the border and in Montérégie, but freezing rain is expected to remain at the gates of Quebec, Ontario and New York, according to Environment Canada.

North of the river, the snow should dominate.

Smaller amounts of snow are expected in the east of the province, but blowing snow affect visibility.

VIA Rail provided yesterday to maintain its service on all lines, although delays are expected. And as in every case of storm, it is advisable to check the schedules of airlines flights.

Test for snow removal

In Montreal, this first winter storm of the year will be a baptism of fire for the new snow removal policy.

The City will review the situation at 11am this morning.

“We suspect we’ll have to declare a snow loading”, said yesterday Renée Pageau, public relations for the City of Montreal.

This new decree power allows the central government to call in all districts loading the snow.

So far, the districts could delay the loading of the snow in order to save. Each loading operation costs about 1 million.

In return, the central government will bear the cost from the sixth loading of the season.

For the Opposition Project Montreal, politics is welcome to the extent that the additional costs are borne by the central government and the decision criteria adopted by the city were already applied.

The new Info-Neige application is also tested for the first time on the entire territory.

It allows to know in real time where is the work of snow removal crews, street by street. It also shows the location of free parking offered by the city temporarily.

But motorists should still check signposts before parking their vehicle.

If it is towed, a new application allows you to find the fastest, by registration number or the location where it was parked.

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