The importance of the War Amps

importance-associationCindy Girard was amputated part of his right leg at the age of 10 years. Over the years and trials, the Jonquiéroise, now aged 21, has always relied on the program for child amputees Winners War Amps. Today, she is able to demonstrate the importance of the program whose key tags that are used to finance, are celebrating their 70th year of existence.

Little, Cindy Girard could walk, but his right leg was not growing. After wearing treads for some years, at the age of 10, she had to be amputated.

“Amputation gave me a better quality of life,” she says.

The idea did not appeal to the child at first, but she had to do it and the War Amps were for her and her family, a great support.

In particular, the opportunity to meet people his age who live situations similar to hers.

“There are games for children, teenagers and parents. With my mother, it was possible to benefit from a program where we were twinned with another mother and child. ”

War Amps also allowed him to use appropriate aids for swimming.

“When you’re growing, you have to change the prosthesis about two years. RAMQ pays for regular replacement, but the War Amps pay for sports prosthetics. You can not put a normal prosthesis in water. And go to the beach without a prosthesis, it is not ideal. Having a sports prosthesis allows me to lead a more normal life, “says the one who points out that the costs associated with the purchase of a sports prosthesis is important. “A prosthesis does not cost down to $ 3,000. ”

The Key Tag possible in particular to raise money to help young amputees.

People can get the plates for free, but they can donate.

” It is important. When I see someone with a plaque on his key chain, I feel supported, “says Cindy Girard. The year 2016 marks the 70th anniversary of Service Key Tag of The War Amps. To date, more than 1.5 million lost keyrings were returned to their owners for free.

“The program is very effective. In addition, it makes a difference for us. ”

Those interested in making a donation, or to register for the program to receive the Key Tag can visit

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