Promoters vandalized in Orford

1162373 Proponents of a condominium project in Orford facing serious questions after being vandalized twice in recent weeks.

Charles Plourde, René Rodrigue and Pierre Bourque plan to build 24 condominiums at the curb of the Mount Orford. So they had installed signs to make their project near the road, but these were vandalized twice.

There are about a month, are the poles that supported the two signs announcing the Orford area project were severed. And, during the night of Thursday to Friday last, the same signs were cut out and disappeared.

The first time the trio of promoters did not complain to the police, but nevertheless advised the Township of Orford situation. Then the second, the promoters have informed the police and the municipality. They hope not to have to undergo further vandalism gestures.

“It’s a bit barbaric, launches Charles Plourde. In addition, it is shocking and insulting. One wonders why. But whatever the reason, we do not let them. ”

Construction work should start in the next few months and the first units expected to be completed in September. The promoters plan to invest $ five to six million.

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