14 months in prison for road rage

hugo-morissette-avait-antecedent-judiciaire(Quebec) A fit of rage at the wheel leads a repeat of 24, Hugo Morissette, behind bars for 14 months.

On March 10, Morissette stopped his vehicle in the middle of Notre-Dame in Quebec City to meet a friend who calls off a balcony. The motorist who followed Morissette finally get impatient honks and asking the driver to leave. On the evidence of the Crown, Hugo Morissette advances his vehicle a few meters and suddenly stops. The other driver, surprised, struck the car Morissette. The latter, furious, out of his car with a bang, some straight stretches the face of the driver and projects the ground.

The victim suffered some facial fractures. Hugo Morissette already had a criminal record linked to road rage. It will be on probation for three years.

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