150 Square decorated with a chandelier of 184 kilos

claudie-gagnon-creeraAfter a little over a year of research and analysis, this will ultimately chandelier 184 kg that will adorn the Square 150 from the end of summer.

The Board of Directors of Momentum Distribution chose the work proposed by Quebec artist Claudie Gagnon to meet the requirements of arts integration program architecture, a must for all buildings constructed with funding public.

For a sum of $ 137,000, or less than one percent of the construction cost of the building of Notre Dame, interdisciplinary artist will create a decorative work consisting of 15 000 to 20 000 eyeglass lenses used. The chandelier will measure more than ten meters high and has a radius of 2.4 meters.

“The artist proposes a work that beautifully fits into the architectural design of the new building, since it joined the concerns expressed had the architect on the brightness and transparency of the place. The artist proposes moreover a work composed largely of recycled materials, both to pursue his own artistic approach only to emphasize the environmental values ​​so dear to the City of Victoriaville, “says the president of Diffusion Momentum, Guy Aubert.

The thousands of lenses will reflect sunlight like tiny mirrors, creating a work called to keep pace with the times, seasons and air currents caused by the movement of visitors.

A participatory work

Ms. Gagnon’s project stands out for the fact that the entire population is called upon to contribute by providing their users glasses at Diffusion momentum. To date, it has collected about 5,000 lenses, about a third of the goal. The collection will take place until May.

“Everyone has a pair of glasses lying around in a drawer. It will be a way for people to leave their mark in the square 150. It will be a nice way to animate the feeling of belonging existing between people and the venue, “said the artist, who he s ‘be a first participatory work of this magnitude.

The latter was delighted to have received the approval of an open-minded jury. She knows that this is an ambitious project but provided an alternative if not used eyeglasses would flock in large numbers.

The making of the work started in recent weeks in a studio in Quebec. It will be suspended 150 Square ceiling in August and its opening is planned for 1 September.

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