At 17, he won his teas with dragons

trudeau-perron At only 17, Julien Trudeau-Perron, residing in Val-Joli in the Eastern Townships, caused a sensation among the Dragons on Monday night.

The young man wanted the Serge Beauchemin, Martin-Luc Archambault, Danièle Henkel, Mitch Garber and Gilbert Rozon invest in his tea distribution company.

The contractor demanded $ 10,000 for 25 percent of his company Tea Du Gouin during his visit to the show in the eye of the dragon Here CBC.

Julien combines business and education. He is currently completing his secondary fifth.

It is precisely on the question of his studies that dragons discussed before agreeing.

Ms. Henkel has offered to lend him $ 10,000, to allow him to continue his studies in business administration.

Dahlia Wrap

Andrée-Anne Perreault, Kingsey Falls near Victoriaville, demanded $ 27,000 investment to 15 percent. Dahlia Wrap offers a collection of baby slings woven jacquard baby, conceived in Quebec.

The dragons were impressed, among others, by online sales business woman who has shown aplomb.

Recall that Ms. Perreault has sold for $ 40,000 of its original patterns scarves during the first three months of activity, the Tribune announced Saturday.

Finally, Andrée-Anne Perrault reflected a few minutes to decide to accept the offer of Mr. Bauchemin or what she asked by appearing on stage, $ 27,000 for 15 percent of its business.

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