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bibliotheques-19-universites-quebec-pourraient(Quebec) All universities of Quebec, on 19, are working on a draft consolidation of their libraries, learned Le Soleil. No matter that one is in Rimouski, Quebec City, Montreal or Rouyn-Noranda, the same computer system would manage the collections, subscriptions, loans …

“A project like this, […] such a large project, it is the first time!” Caroline Lessard is director of academic support and library network of 10 institutions of the University of Quebec. His team has been mandated by the 19 to hire a consultant specializing in the field who will mount their final record to reach synergy.

This is about improving services to students, teachers, researchers and other visitors temples of knowledge.

There is also question of money. We must find an Internet platform capable of managing all these institutions collections. Both the physical documents that new electronic books, journals received by cyberspace or subscriptions to websites which are the results of academic research.

We understand, Ms. Lessard, it comes to disbursements of a few million dollars? “Yes. […] This is a major project that is “and -. It is important to emphasize – this is an annual cost of an annual license to use the software, it will have to pay and pay again.

Now is the paragraph cautions: “At this time, there is still a desire to get there,” says Caroline Lessard. “They want to buy a next generation system.” The award of a contract of nearly $ 100,000 to a consultant, who will assist 19 to identify their needs and the product that fill testament to this commitment. But it will convince the 19 university administrations boarding …

The director adds, however, that Quebec universities do not have many options. The computer systems of libraries are outdated, do not allow to negotiate the techno turn, to support digital books and other intangible products of the Web, she said.

“They all have management systems that are reaching the end of life.” In two or three years, it will change the software that administer collections, it seems. “And we must not hide the fact that there is a financial environment which is not easy in Quebec universities. […] It may be cheaper to 19. ”

Sharing a management system

Reflection is advanced. “First, they want to share a management system.” The synergy could therefore be higher then. “Libraries are hoping that this will be the first phase.”

For now, the desired computer tool will handle purchases. Then it will the “treat” in particular giving them a code to find them. And it will make everything easily accessible to users across Quebec that will only connect to a website to have access to these collections.

Does it exist, this type of software? “Yes, it exists, these beautiful tool!”

And if the machine does all these tasks, they are considering the university libraries to reduce their payroll? “We are not talking merger,” warns Ms. Lessard. After implantation, the employees monopolized by administrative tasks can help students and researchers to find the coveted book and publish their work in the right place, she considers. Improved services, hope do we.

The project is quite advanced for a timetable to be set. “Hopefully, it’s in 2018 that there will be a common system.”

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