24 months more for Robin Bernier

-robin-bernierThe drug dealer Robin Bernier, arrested in Spring 2014 when Macaque operation, will serve 24 months less one additional day in prison after pleading guilty Monday morning before Judge Jean Hudon, of conspiracy charges for assault in fact and arson.

Robin Bernier will return to court on September 26 for performances in order to search some property he had acquired as a result of pursuing criminal activities. Recall that the individual represented by Emelie Ainsley currently serving a sentence of 54 months in prison for drug trafficking.

The arrest of Bernier and several other traffickers took place after several individuals have conspiring to tamp’s regional drug market some independent dealers who had started taking a little off to some. Armed with a list of names, proud-to-arms of Montreal came to the area to spend some messages. All fortunately have not been traced. Bernier would have prompted some people to set fire to a Almatois trade and commit some wrongdoing.

Earlier on March 24 other co-defendants have settled their Macaque file or Carl Desbiens, 26, who was handed a sentence of 36 months for extortion conspiracy, extortion, trafficking cocaine, possession of cannabis; Dominic Dufour, 35, who received 30 months for drug trafficking.

Recall that the Macaque operation, conducted by the Joint Regional Squad, had helped dismantle a trafficking network headed by Daniel Bouchard, Saguenay, and Jimmy Desmeules, in Lac-Saint-Jean.

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