26 million to renovate the Verdun Auditorium 2018

maire-montreal-denis-coderre-faitOldest arena in Montreal, Verdun Auditorium will undergo a facelift 26 million dollars by 2018.

The City of Montreal announced Monday the rehabilitation of its mythical arena. Work should begin in the fall of 2016 and be completed in summer 2018. The project will seek a LEED Gold certification.

This project is part of the rehabilitation program of the Montreal arenas, launched a few years ago. The metropolis has to replace all its arenas refrigeration system to stop using freon 2020. The new cooling system will operate with ammonia.

The proposed $ 26 million will go further, however, in the case of the Auditorium for him “giving back its old panache.” The structure of the Auditorium will be preserved, but its facade will be completely refurbished. In fact, it will be liberated from its metal coating to restore its original appearance, brick. Only 20% of the facade must be redone.

The amphitheater will retain 3,700 seats, which will allow it to host shows, a vocation neglected in recent years. Several major groups have occurred in this area over time, including Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

The Auditorium, which opened in November 1939, is the oldest currently in operation in Montreal.

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