30-month prison sentence to a man who had assaulted his daughter, his son and his niece

homme-agresse-sexuellement-tour-tour(Quebec) A father who has sexually assaulted in turn to her daughter, her autistic son and her niece part between the penitentiary for the next 30 months. Without having ever expressed the slightest remorse or the slightest empathy for the victims.

The Lévisien of 56 years, that we do not call for to preserve the anonymity of the victims, is certainly one of the accused, the less sympathetic the judge Gilles Charest has had to punish him.

For 13 years, the man has subsequently sexually assaulted her daughter, her son and her niece, children aged 7 to 12 years of age. The offences were repeated touching gestures of masturbation. “He took advantage of their innocence, of their innocence and naivety,” said the judge Charest, focusing on the after-effects are still present among the victims, 20 years after the crimes.

The father has also demonstrated the talents of bully and manipulator repeating to his wife that she was as guilty as him because she had not complained when she had learned of the attacks. The woman explained to the court that she was back with her spouse because she was sick and destitute financially.

After having been found guilty after a trial, the unworthy father has never expressed remorse or empathy. He denies any deviance and refused to even discuss with the probation officer in charge of drafting the pre-disposition report.

The Crown prosecutor Me Sarah-Julie Chicoine called for a prison sentence of 30 months for the father was the aggressor and that is exactly what the judge Charest imposed.

After the hearing, the mother of two of the victims said feel some form of appeasement. “Today, we take the shame, the pain and the fear, it gives him all this, because it is to him that it belongs to.”

“Today, we take the shame, the pain and the fear it gives him all this, because it is to him that it belongs to.”
The mother of two of the victims

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