375th of Montreal: The 7 Fingers will create an immersive spectacle

esquisse-future-salle-creation-troupeThe circus troupe 7 Fingers will mount a show in Montreal to mark the 375th anniversary of the city in 2017. It will be an immersive journey on the “living together” in Montreal with numbers presented in different places. The final show will take place in the new creation and production center of the 7 fingers under construction.

The show that prepare 7 Fingers in style to mark the anniversary of the founding of Montreal will be informative, immersive and diverse as Montreal’s residents. Route 375 is its immersive temporary name. It will be a traveling show in the Quartier des spectacles.

The route taken by the spectators will be dotted with places where artists will present circus, image projections or events in which they are immersed. For several hours, the audience will go well in a group and walk from one place to another for a different experience every time.

These places may be cultural organizations, shops, courtyards or a vacant building as the 7 Fingers will use to create an immersive activity. The course will include a food stop even quality for participants to regain strength!

“The course will include course a big basic preparation, but there will also be surprises that can occur at any time in the corner. The idea is that the viewer can be knocked off in multiple ways, “says Nassib El-Husseini, Chief 7 fingers of the hand.

The story told through art

375 immersive journey will be based on historical facts. He will discover Montreal to people who do not know or little the city. By using the exemplary life of men and women who, somehow, Montreal built, the show will tell the different facets of the metropolis over the centuries, emphasizing the fact that it has always been a city open and welcoming.

It will therefore issue of multiethnicity and contributions of Native Americans, French colonists, English, Scottish and Irish, as Chinese immigrants, Italian, Haitian, Greek, etc. who have made the city a diverse and multicultural city.

The show will be live and nearly four centuries of history to the participants by referring to the local architecture, monuments, roofs, public gardens, at the crossroads and building facades.

A project of the whole company

Created by all members of the company – for the first time since their founding show, Loft, 2002 – This artistic project is supported by Sébastien Soldevila, who choreographed the first table of the opening ceremony of the Olympics winter last year in Sochi.

Currently, immersive Route 375 is being defined. At all points of view. As much as for its artistic organization. For example, the company does not yet know how the course will include stations. This number will depend on the scale of the budget that will be granted. The troupe will soon conclude agreements with cultural or municipal organizations and educational institutions.

Indeed, dozens of artists will be grafted in this show, especially young circus artists.

“There will be the circus, but there will also be a lot of theater and multimedia. It will be a multidisciplinary show, “says Anne-Laurence Dubois, Project partnerships with 7 fingers of the hand.

The circus learned last week that his traveling show of several hours will end with all artists in its new building, a way for the band to try out their creative and production center. This “head office” and 7 fingers of the workspace is being created instead of a historic site.

Built in 1894, Block 2111 Saint-Laurent Boulevard was first the place of production of beer (Eckers and Dow) for a hundred years before hosting the Just for Laughs Museum 1993-2010 . “This show will be marked by diversity and a moment of unity and sharing combined with the joy of having a roof over our heads,” says Nassib El-Husseini.

If the success of immersive 375 course is at the rendezvous, the 7 Fingers hope this show for three to four weeks in Montreal before to adapt to other world cities, including Lyon, Paris or Buenos Aires . To celebrate the “living together” in Montreal.

The 7 Fingers in a few dates

2002: creation of the company by the seven artists Isabelle Chassé, Shana Carroll, Patrick Leonard, Fawn Shane, Gypsy Snider, Sébastien Soldevila and Samuel Tétreault. They released a first show, Loft.

2007: The duo Sébastien Soldevila and Emilia BONNAVAUD won the gold medal at the World Circus Festival of Tomorrow in Paris.

2009: Creation of Psy show.

2012: Creation of the show Sequence 8.

2014: Ice rink is played to packed houses at the Avignon Festival for a month.

2015: The 7 Fingers have given this year over 1000 performances of one or another of their creations or their artistic collaborations.

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