37th ADISQ gala: the year of Jean Leloup

jean-leloup(Quebec) Jean Leloup was among the favorites of the 37th ADISQ Gala. He ultimately won almost everything in its path. The singer-songwriter has added three Sunday Felix to his collection, for a total of five this year. His main rival, Louis-Jean Cormier, has drawn a blank, while Ariane Moffatt finished the evening richest two trophies.

Already rewarded in the category Rock Album and Choice of criticism the Prime ADISQ, the author of At Paradise City was chosen by the public on Sunday: he was crowned male performer of the year, while the part-title of his latest album was sacred song of the year. Also named best songwriter, Jean Leloup, who combined artistic appointments and six showed little talkative, has finally seen one trophy escape him: that of the best seller, claimed by Fred Pellerin. The latter has also picked another Sunday price by accepting the Félix for folk album for Later we think.

Return on disk Ariane Moffatt was also welcomed at the ADISQ gala: singer-compositrice

interprets received the award for pop album for 10:22 p.m. ET was crowned female performer of the year after a popular vote. For that price, she notably was preferred to Marie-Mai, with whom she has nevertheless offered a dance performance alongside Fanny Bloom.

The audience also elected as Galaxy Group of the Year. With Zulu disk, tape Olivier Langevin was already decorated in late October in the Alternative Album category.

With a total of six artistic appointments, Louis-Jean Cormier was necessary as the other big favorite ADISQ 2015 Félix Award in addition to the cover of his album The major arteries, it is left empty-handed in the end, but benefited from the gala to offer a musical collaboration with friends Galaxie and revelation Philippe Brach, with whom he played the producers on the album Portraits famine.

Animated for a 10th year by comedian Louis-José Houde, Sunday gala hosted a tribute for the less sober Dominique Michel. But the evening was also the scene of some positions. Houde particularly fired arrows at commercial radio stations who wish to see lower their French content quota – several artists wore a lapel pin to show their opposition – and to the streaming sites. “Who invented this, Spotify, with its own rules? Who decided that it was legal? Find him, Billy Spotify … And do it wrong! “He suggested to the musicians in the room.

Marie-Pierre Arthur and Philippe Brach both claimed their first Sunday Felix. With its disk If the dawn, the first has shaved Marc Hervieux, Pierre Flynn, Patrick Norman and Mario Pelchat in the category Adult Contemporary. The second was named Newcomer of the Year. Like Klô Pelgag last year, Brach has delivered one of the most colorful of the evening speeches, highlighting the contribution of his team that helps “bring safely ideas sometimes do not even deserve. Sometimes I say to myself: “Are you cellars ostie? ‘” He began.

Patrice Michaud’s efforts on the boards have once again been highlighted. Already awarded the First Gala as writer of the year for the fire every day, the Gaspésien Sunday won the statuette for best show among songwriters. “Thanks to broadcasters who hosted the show. Also thank you to those who have not received. I guess we will see in a period not very long, “said Michaud. Among the performers, Isabelle Boulay has in turn added a 18th to his impressive collection Félix for his tribute to Serge Reggiani.

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