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selon-etude-quand-gens-38Look his age is not just a concern in the prime of life. Since the thirties, the body of some people is aging much faster than average, according to a new international study.

“When people have 38, their biological age from under 30 years to almost 60 years,” said Dan Belsky, of Duke University, who is the lead author of the study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). “The differences in the body’s aging rates begin much earlier than previously thought. Other studies have mainly analyzed the biological age after 70 years. ”

The ten by Mr. Belsky led researchers analyzed the “biological age” of a thousand New Zealanders participating in the “cohort of Dunedin” and are followed since birth in 1972-1973. There is therefore no people who worked in a factory or mine during childhood, and all had access to a modern health care system. Unlike chronological age, which is calculated from the date of birth, the biological age measurement body aging.

“The biological age predicted the risk of functional cognitive or physical problems at the relatively young age of 38, says Belsky. We tend to think that to slow down the negative effects of aging, we must study old. We show that it should instead study the youth. ”

The team analyzed 18 factors leading to chronic diseases such as heart disease when participants were 26, 32 and 38. “I think we could include an assessment of biological age in routine medical examinations. If it rises faster than chronological age, we must make certain diseases early detection tests. ”

Biological age to 38 years
Less than 32 years 1%
32-35 years 11%
35-40 years 57%
40-45 years 24%
45-50 years 6%
More than 50 years Less than 1%
Source: PNAS
IQ at age 38
Biological age IQ
32 years old 105
35 years 103
40 years 100
45 years old 95
50 years 92
Source: PNAS
Increase since childhood IQ among people who, at age 38, have a biological age under 35 years.
IQ decline from childhood among people who, at age 38, have a biological age of over 45 years.
Source: PNAS

Life expectancy at age 82
Biological age Life expectancy
80 years 34 months
88 years 31 months
92 years 30 months
106 years 28 months
110 years 26 months
Source: BMC Geriatrics 2002

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