47 new additional units to rent

sherbrooke-voit-octroyer-47The City of Sherbrooke is granted 47 new housing units under the Rent Supplement Program for the year 2016 to 2017 with a five-year agreement. These new units will be managed by the Municipal Housing Office. Tenants will pay the equivalent of 25% of their income.

City council authorized a recurrent budget of $ 25,000 to pay 10% of the subsidy costs. The rest will be borne by the SHQ.

This announcement is linked to the Quebec Minister of Finance that 5800 new units will be eligible for Rent Supplement Program over the next five years. “The 47 units are to Sherbrooke for the 2016-2017 year, but we expect new units for each subsequent year. However, we can not assume future government decisions, “explains Dominique Raynauld, director of the Office municipal d’habitation (OMH) in Sherbrooke.

Of reserved units, ten are the subject of a tender to find housing for four or five bedrooms. Five more will be devoted customers to agencies dealing with the homeless, or at risk of homelessness with mental health problems.

“To be eligible, these are low-income households of selections that can be accommodated in existing buildings. households will be taken on our waiting lists, giving priority to those who seek an accommodation with a bedroom. This need represents almost 80% of households waiting. The list includes 800 households. More than 600 are waiting for an apartment with a bedroom, “adds Raynauld.

“It looks clean on the top of the waiting list and housing we will visit where he lives. If the property is in good condition, the owner fixed a rent within the limits of government, the median cost plus ten percent, and if the owner is willing to enter into an agreement with OMH, the tenant can stay home. If they can not, we’ll go to the next on the list. ”

Before the announcement occurred this week, Sherbrooke had 120 extra units to rent from private owners and 300 others in connection with the AccesLogis.

Sherbrooke Mayor Bernard Sevigny, said that this new demonstrated the willingness of the city to contribute to the height of his abilities. “From frequently, it is seeking, because it presents portraits of poverty for example, and our response is to say that we will work within our municipal powers. They are 47 families that comes out of a very difficult situation by allowing them to devote a margin of family income on. We never hesitated to engage in that path. The City of Sherbrooke does not hesitate when programs allow. ”

Councillor Marc Denault stressed the interest to involve the private. “On several occasions, I have made claims to that effect. It meets several requirements. We already have available buildings, close to services. In addition it allows people to stay in their home environment. As an owner, it is very interesting to have heard claims of owners who were not fair that people who move to a housing of the OMH can terminate the lease immediately. We must demonstrate openness towards the private and made a giant step in that direction. ”

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