$ 5,620 to the family of Elissa Spin-O-Don

personnes-tenu-spin-oWith the aim of alleviating the financial problems of the family of the little Elissa Grondin, about twenty people held a Spin-O-Don Sundays, not collecting less than $ 5,620.

“We’re really pleased with the reception of Sherbrooke, which were super generous, says Anne Préfontaine, a journalist with VAT News and one of the organizers of spinning. That money, it will greatly help parents. They live extremely painful emotional time and we wanted to give them a boost so they can breathe a little financially. ”

“Elissa took all possible complications with the heart of Berlin. She was bleeding, pulmonary complications, etc. They always have a sword of Damocles over the head; this is an extremely difficult situation and this is a terrible life test. It’s a way to show that we are with them and that we support. It is a wave of love. ”

Recall that Elissa Grondin, five years old, is hospitalized at Sainte-Justine Hospital since September. The girl suffered complications Christmas Eve which forced since to always be connected and receive an oxygen supply 24 hours 24. His heart now only worked 13% of its capacity and situation was critical , forcing medical staff to install him a mechanical heart, said the heart of Berlin. It appears top of the list to receive a heart transplant. A heart for a child weighing more than 23 kg (50 pounds). Meanwhile, his parents take turns at his bedside and no longer work to care for it. In addition to the concerns of the family, the father of Elissa, Patrick Grondin, receives two-thirds of his salary while unemployment benefits Elissa’s mother, Josée Scantland, which is professional coach, coming to an end .

“In addition, when Elissa receive her transplant, she will need care, and his mother will turn into nurse and will stick with it, says Anne Préfontaine. Elissa will have forty to take medication, drugs that are not all covered by insurance. And they also have another child they must care. ”

If they are pleased with the support offered to them, to Elissa parents still remain much more concerned about people’s awareness to organ donation by their financial situation, said Ms. Préfontaine, who trains with Josée Scantland for seven years.

“What is important for her is found a heart for her daughter. There is no one who is immune to that and that’s why it’s important to push the reflection with our families. ”

The Spin-O-Don is finished, but those who wish to donate can still do it safely through the site by typing GoFundMe.com Elissa Grondin.

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