50 jobs: NAC moved in Cookshire

entreprise-specialisee-fabricationNAC in Cookshire Systems will move by the end of 2016. Founded in 2004, the company that manufactures kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities always had set up shop in the industrial park of Sherbrooke. But a business opportunity led management to move its activities.

“Given the growth of the company, we needed more space and we found a building in Cookshire already adapted to our type of production,” says president and founder of the company, Stéphane Fortier.

The Sherbrooke company acquires, Cookshire, the old factory Frabritec, a building which also hosted in the past, the manufacturer Maax. “It’s a building that I know well since I have been the owner. It was me who had sold Maax in 1999 “, note, for the record, Mr. Fortier.

NAC maintains a growth of 25 per cent of its turnover year after year. About 65 percent of its sales are made in the US while the difference is recorded in Canada.

The company employs fifty employees. “The vast majority will follow us in Cookshire which is, basically, almost a suburb of Sherbrooke,” says Mr. Fortin.

NAC will continue to serve its customers Sherbrooke with a new showroom. “Our showroom is currently on Industrial Boulevard will be relocated to better meet the needs of our customers Sherbrooke,” Mr. Fortier adding that it is too early to disclose the new address of the showroom.

“The opportunity to Cookshire was just too good.”

NAC was a tenant at 3750 Industrial Boulevard. The area of ​​the plant in Sherbrooke is 25 000 square feet while the factory in Cookshire about 40 000 square feet with a land for enlargements.

Without success

Sherbrooke Innopole has tried to keep the business floor Sherbrooke, according to management. Without success. “I have a great relationship with the team of Sherbrooke Innopole and it’s not because she has not done its job. The opportunity to Cookshire was just too interesting. The municipality of Cookshire was also very proactive and very collaborative, “says the president.

The Town of Cookshire offered inducements to NAC, but management would rather not give details yet.

“We work with longtime NAC for their relocation project. We explored with them a multitude of options, the purchase of an existing building to the new building, and have made several proposals to the company in recent months, “said Josée Fortin, Director General of Sherbrooke Innopole.

“However, the opportunity that is presented to them on the side of Cookshire was very advantageous in several respects: return to a fully equipped house for them – because they have already occupied – at an extremely competitive price, combined with incentives important offered by the municipality and the fact that many employees of NAC still reside there, “Ms. Fortin.

“It is a combination of factors and circumstances on which we had no control, or equivalent, who guided the business decision made by the leaders of NAC, with whom we maintain excellent relations and continue to work on other business projects, “says Executive Director of Sherbrooke Innopole.

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