Daycare School: Parents inflate the invoice

federation-commissions-scolaires-quebec-fcsq(Quebec) Contrary to what the government said Couillard, parents pay more to keep their children at school on pedagogical days due to budget cuts. The base price is up double.

In many school boards, this rate goes into effect 8-16 $ 20 for each regularly scheduled professional development days. And that’s not counting the costs to outputs and special events. The total bill parents can now represent more than $ 400 for each child. It varies from school to school.

As reported in May, Quebec cut in half – $ 10 million – funding for professional development days. The grant is reduced from 16.39 to 7.93 $ per day per child. The new school board budget rules, adopted in July, confirmed the measure.

In May, the Education Minister, François Blais, maintained that it was only a “surgical punctures.” He even added that “it would not seek more money to the parents’ because of its decision. After all, school-based childcare realize surplus, he said.

After verification, the invoice parents will indeed be higher in all school boards.

Up to twice as expensive

According to the Association of school daycare services in Quebec, a number of school boards are forced to pass on to parents all of the compression of the government. Result: base price of $ 8 – payable during a school day – double during a pedagogical day, reaching $ 16.

“The part of the grant that the Ministry gives us more, we’ll go get in the pockets of parents,” summed up the general secretary of the Association, Melanie Gilbert. She is responsible for the school’s daycare Paul VI to the Commission scolaire des Patriotes, on the South Shore of Montreal. In this school board, childcare all schools will now require parents a basic contribution of $ 16 for educational days.

If one considers outputs, the total bill climbs to $ 31 or even $ 34.50 per instructional day at school Paul VI in Boucherville. It was up $ 25 last year.

Parents will have the choice of leaving their child at school for $ 16 instead of sending it to the exit. In many schools in Quebec, there will be the introduction of childcare for two-tier educational days: one with special outlet and one without, depending on what parents are willing to pay.

Impact on enrollments

Melanie Gilbert feared a drop in enrollment in pedagogical days. Rising costs “has a significant impact for parents. Those with two or three children, probably they enroll more children. And that will have an impact on our educators. They went looking for work time on these days. Instead of welcoming 290 students, perhaps we will accommodate 150. So instead of working 25 teachers daycare, I’ll just have a ten or fifteen. ”

It recognizes that childcare realized surpluses. With this money the Paul VI School has been limited to $ 25 fees for a pedagogical day last year. But financial cushions have been reduced to a trickle with cuts to school boards. “There are years I made $ 80,000 surplus. This year, I ended up with $ 6,000. And then there is actually more surplus “Ms Gilbert said.

The Federation of Quebec school boards (FCSQ) confirms that the invoice for professional development days will increase throughout Quebec. Some of its members are passing the base price to $ 16. Others have a “flexibility” allowing them to fix it at a slightly lower amount. QBCF emphasizes that the surplus that existed in some child care used to give oxygen to other areas of a school in need of funding.

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