55 million liters of waste water will be discharged in the Saguenay

refection-devant-etreSaguenay will pour 55 million liters of untreated sewage into the Saguenay River by April 21. This operation, made necessary because of repairs to the pumping station of the Radin Street received all of the Department of Sustainable Development authorizations under the Act on Environmental Quality.

In recent days, the workers carry out the complete renovation of the managed station near the ski center of Mont Fortin. structural works have become necessary over time, requiring the cessation of operations of the station for thirteen days. The wastewater from a residential part of the Kénogami sector corresponding to the consumption of about 6,000 people, according to Jeannot Allard, director of communications at Saguenay.

According to the action plan prepared by the engineering firm WSP, measures will be put in place to control the solids that could flow to the Saguenay.

Thus, the contractor responsible for the work will have to control the material in the pumping plenum to recover solids based overflow conditions observed, and up to 12 hours a day during periods when the network sewer is the most requested.

In addition, a sediment trap with a filter berm will be installed downstream of the outlet of overflow to recover the majority of solids. In addition, the Saguenay River will be protected by the installation of silt fences and hay bales upstream culvert and upstream of the sensor already present storm.

Debris removal

In case of floating debris or otherwise find themselves on the banks of the Saguenay, the City has committed to make their pick.

During the flood period, the City is asking citizens of the area to avoid throwing the toilet items such as condoms, diapers, Q-tips, dental floss son, plastics, cigarette butts, paper wipers all wet and sanitary napkins.

Jeannot Allard mentioned that the overflow is in compliance with all standards set by the Ministry. He said that Saguenay has 81 pumping stations, 24 of which can overflow in the Saguenay during periods of major flow, as is the case with Radin Street Station.

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