$ 60,000 per year for food at meetings of the Council of Ministers

philippe-couillardThe slimming regime imposed on the Quebec government has not cut the appetite of our rulers.

If government members would have a small valley between two decrees, Quebec sets aside $ 60,000 a year for which they serve their favorite dishes at the meetings of the Cabinet, according to documents obtained by the Executive Council The Canadian Press.

This means that each weekly session of the cabinet may result in a bill of nearly $ 1,500 in catering costs.

At this rate, during this term of government Couillard (or from April 2014 to October 2018), the snacks made around the table of the Cabinet will have eroded in total up to $ 270,000 of public funds.

Govern Quebec can therefore both an appetite and dig a hole in the public finances.

But no one in government seems to mean by what principle, in times of tight expenditure control, the bill is passed on to taxpayers catering.

Questioned, the Prime Minister said it was an “administrative issue”, so under the Secretariat of the Executive Council.

The Secretariat of the Executive Council, the answer was: “we provide meals to ministers who are working session on lunchtime, which is consistent with current practice,” said the deputy Deputy Director General of the Secretariat for government communications, Caroline Fraser.

The budget of $ 60,000 is intended only to calm the hunger of ministers and the Prime Minister during the weekly session of the cabinet.

The Executive Board, which is the Prime Minister’s department, has budgeted the sum of $ 60,000 in spring 2014 and recurred with an additional amount of $ 60,000 in April 2015, for the current year. The document is signed by the Chief Cabinet Secretary, Juan Roberto Iglesias.

The meetings of the Cabinet are usually held every Wednesday at 11am. April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015, the Government Couillard met 56 times in total, regular and special sessions, slightly more than once a week. During this period, we engaged the services of a caterer 41 times.

Maximum unaffected

Based on 41 meetings to a maximum budget of $ 60,000, Quebec therefore provides that each meeting of the Cabinet could cost up to $ 1,463 in meal expenses, or about $ 54 per person.

The sum of $ 60,000 is the maximum allowed, which was not reached last year. In 2014-2015, departmental feast actually costing $ 37,927.67. Each member of the government, caterer note thus amounts, on average, $ 1,404 in small complimentary food for the year.

The Cabinet consists of the Prime Minister and 26ministres.

The Executive Board does business, in rotation, with eight different caterers Québec: Clementine Buffet, who promises a “dining experience unparalleled,” the House Buffet, La Cabane, whose specialty is lobster, Morena, Mediterranean cuisine caterer I Get Catering, Pain & Passion, Pomegranate and Vitality Catering, which claims to offer diners “a refined and distinctive cuisine.”

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