65,000 cards to distribute Priority Sherbrooke

achat-local-prioriteThe Chamber of Commerce of Sherbrooke gives new energy to their local purchase program. At the beginning of May, 65,000 cards Sherbrooke Priority will be mailed to consumers Sherbrooke. With an activation rate estimated at 15 percent, the CCS hopes to attract 9750 new users of the loyalty card.

“Initially, the Priority Sherbrooke project was to last 3 or 4 years. It aimed to boost the local economy while we lived a difficult economic period. In recent months, we had to make a decision. We stop the program or continue? We decided to continue and move forward. The only way to do that was to associate with people who can think and marketing full-time advertising, “explained the instigator of the local purchase program, Serge Audet.

That is why the Chamber of Commerce has created a new company, Loyalty Plus, she is a shareholder with its new partner: EstriePlus.com. Serge Audet is also a shareholder in the new company.

“The goal is to develop new tools and products to improve the priority program,” added Mr. Audet.

The president of the CCS, Me Bruno Lavoie, said at a press conference that Priority Sherbrooke was launched in 2009 to build consumer loyalty and counter the commercial leaks. Only multisectoral program in North America, Priority Sherbrooke offers several types of traders to be grouped under the same banner.

To date, 65 retailers are part of the program and 9000 consumers cardholders Priority Sherbrooke. The card allows you to accumulate dollars Priority Sherbrooke then able to use at participating merchants.

“We aim to increase the number of traders between 100 and 125 by fall,” notes Mr. Audet.

Since 2009, it was 300,000 transactions were accounted for total sales of $ 7.5 million.

The local purchase program has been exported to various regions, Lévis, Laval, Prescott and Russell recently in Baie des Chaleurs. CCS hopes to export it in three new regions by the end of 2016.

“Fidelity Over develop the program in priority areas in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and a local contractor,” specifies Mr. Audet.

Since 2014, the geolocation of participating merchants is possible through an application on smart phones. More fidelity promises to bring the technology to another level including increased interaction with consumers who receive a warning when they are near a participating merchant.

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