Harper refused to speculate on a minority Conservative government

chef-conservateur-stephen-harper-centreConservative Leader Stephen Harper refuses to commit to recall Parliament within 60 days after Monday’s vote, if it is still elected once Prime Minister.

His Liberal rivals, NDP and Bloc have indicated that a minority Harper government would not survive. They would ensure the defeat of the first vote in the Commons.

Friday morning, passing through Quebec, the outgoing prime minister refused to answer a reporter who wanted to know if Mr. Harper would cling to power by delaying parliamentary work after October 19.

“I will refrain from speculating on scenarios by Monday,” he replied instead.

Prior to short media briefing, the Conservative leader had delivered his speech in a small assembly 150 supporters. They all stood, chanting his name, when he referred to his promise to ban the niqab in citizenship ceremonies.

This is a section of conservative discourse that Harper reserves the Quebec public. Since the beginning of the week, it is all talk economy and taxes in his campaign trips to the rest of the country.

Quebec was entitled, like any other, the sound of the cash register while a conservative activist deposited banknotes on a table to illustrate what it would be to lose if Harper is not re-elected.

Case Gagnier

The Conservative leader also did not fail to add anything on the case Daniel Gagnier, co-chair of the Liberal campaign that was dropped after the disclosure of an email in which he gave advice to the lobbying of the project promoter East Energy pipeline.

According to Mr. Harper, no party going as low as the Liberals, still immersed in the culture that prevailed at the time of the sponsorship scandal, there is nearly 20 years.

“There is no evidence of such behavior on the part of any other party. It’s still a question of behavior in this election is still growing sponsorship scandal of the Liberal Party that persists, “he said.

Quebec Bridge

Moreover, Harper would not respond to the request of the mayors of Québec and Lévis who now want Ottawa buys the rusty Quebec Bridge. Harper simply repeated that CN must come to the table to discuss this matter.

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