8.3 million Quebecers could claim $ 50 to Volkswagen

action-volkswagen-pris-peu-plus(Quebec) No less than 8.3 million Quebecers could claim $ 50 to Volkswagen following the fixing scandal engines. A class action application was filed in the Quebec Superior Court and argues that the German manufacturer has violated the right of all to a healthy environment.

The Quebec Association of fight against air pollution (AQLPA) organization behind the petition, accused Volkswagen of deliberately altered the environment by circulating diesel vehicles exceeding the thresholds of acceptable emissions in Canada. Cars that could never market the business if it did not have its models between 2009 and 2015, software deceiving the American emission control testing and worldwide.

In the court document, which The Sun obtained a copy, AQLPA estimates that in doing so, Volkswagen has violated the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees the right “to live in a healthy environment.”

The appeal shall be final against the leadership of Volkswagen. “They chose deliberately to fool government authorities, customers and the public. […] They decided to promote their financial and business interests in the hope that their schemes are never discovered, “it said in the paper of twenty pages.

To be part of the appeal, if allowed, it is not necessary to own a vehicle affected by fraud unveiled by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Just be a resident or have been resident in Québec between 1 January 2009 and 18 September 2015. An appeal shall not exceed the boundaries of the province.

The AQLPA estimates and 8.3 million people potential basin. If the request was granted and that Volkswagen was condemned by a court, the application requires a compensation of $ 50 for each eligible person.

Also according to the court document, AQLPA estimated $ 67.5 million Volkswagen’s profits in Quebec during the period affected by the scandal. Reached by Le Soleil, one of the lawyers who worked on the request hoped exemplary punishment. “It wants this beyond profits for it never happens again.”

Andre Belisle as an expert

The former president of AQLPA, André Bélisle, listed as person named in the class action. Today Green Party candidate in the federal election, he was chosen for its expertise in the field of vehicle inspection. “I will be asked to comment and testify,” said the principal party on Wednesday.

“It is I who, for years, have conducted vehicle inspection programs. I made 20 000 [inspections] to 25,000, “he has said. Mr. Bélisle, who was stationed AQLPA during the years covered by the scandal, said he pulled the alarm bell several times on some diesel cars without getting a response of government authorities.

Health damage

The AQLPA recalls that fraud emanated Volkswagen vehicles up “40 times more nitrogen oxides than the prescribed regulatory limit” by the EPA in North American soil. “In addition, nitrogen oxides may cause or exacerbate disease.”

In the US, an analysis by the Associated Press, published in the New York Times October 5, estimated between 16 and 94 deaths possibly related to the additional emissions of pollutants by the offender vehicles between 2009 and 2015 . And as the years progressed, the more damage would have been exponential.

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