A baby found in the safe of a hotel room

safeThe authorities have launched an inquiry notice on Tuesday to find an American couple after the staff of a Niagara Falls hotel, Ontario, had discovered a baby in the safe of one of the guestrooms .

The Niagara Regional Police said the child’s parents had alerted the hotel around 10 pm Tuesday, and a maintenance worker was released on infant crying.

According to Detective Sergeant Scott Kraushar, however, the couple left the hotel with her baby before the police arrive on the scene.

He said that parents were clueless and had sought the help of employees.

Mr. Kraushar added that, unfortunately, the hotel management had put a little time to communicate with the police and that the couple had settled his bill and left.

Detective Sergeant said he did not know why the baby was found in the safe.

The hotel manager, Kevin Liddle, revealed that he had been made aware of the story by staff and was immediately asked to contact the police.

According to investigators, the room had been registered to a person in Brooklyn, New York, who drove a gray van with a license plate from New Jersey with “B31 EUB”.

Scott Kraushar said the authorities wanted to regain the family to ensure the welfare of the child.

“We just want to talk to them to ask them some questions, he said. We are in contact with our American counterparts who have also launched a notice of the vehicle on their side. ”

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