A barrister arrested for impaired on leaving the palace

guy-boisvert-batonnier-arthabaskaThe leader of a regional section of the Barreau du Québec is facing accusations of alcohol and driving after being arrested on leaving the Laval courthouse last June, where he was defending a client accused himself with driving while impaired.

Guy Boisvert, President of the Bar of Arthabaska, pleaded not guilty to two criminal charges on October 7.

“In comments before there is a trial, I think it’s risky,” said he said by telephone. He would not say whether he planned to remain in office by the judgment: “I will not comment,” he replied, after a long silence.

According to a reliable source in the Crown, the status of Mr. Boisvert would have aroused the suspicions of a police officer inside the Laval courthouse on 19 June.

The schedule for the courts to this day shows that the lawyer briefly appeared before Judge Gilles Garneau Yvon Nadeau in the file, a client charged with driving while impaired. Reached by La Presse, the latter said he had not noticed anything special about his attorney.

The same day, Guy Boisvert was intercepted near the courthouse, at the wheel of his car. The EBA indicated an alcohol content of up to more than twice the legal limit for driving, according to our information.

“Nothing has happened as such at the courthouse. It is simply the suspicion that the police had when they crossed me Boisvert to the courthouse, “said our source.

According to our information, the file has been vis-a-vis.

“If Guy Boisvert who had to appear in October pleaded not guilty, so he wants a trial,” was limited to add me Boisvert. Business address matches that of the accused.

His own lawyer, Philippe Lamoureux declined to comment on the case. “I have no mandate to comment on the issue,” Mr. Lamoureux said.

Mr. Boisvert became President of the Bar of the Law Society of Arthabaska last spring. Previously, he was the number 2 of the organization. It basically practice in criminal law.

The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DCPP) would not comment on the matter, given that the criminal proceedings against Mr. Boisvert are still ongoing. Laval police did not want to comment.

“The Quebec Bar will not comment the fact that you brought to his attention, the organization said in a written statement. However, it is important to remember that Mr. Boisvert is not a director of the Quebec Bar and the Law Society has no jurisdiction over the section of the Bars.

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