A big season awaits Nicolas Dore

vient-etre-selectionneThe coming months promise to be busy for the Sagueneen Nicolas Dore. He just got his place in the team of 18 and under the Baseball Academy Canada.The leaders of the new ABC program with Robert Fatal head, took advantage of the last days to complete evaluation of players fighting for a position with the training of 17 and under or with that of 18 years and under. The selection process ended this weekend with the presentation of games at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium and 36 elected were selected.

The new ABC program aims to increase the visibility of Quebec players from MLB recruiters, universities and US colleges, as well as leaders of the Canadian Junior National Team.

Both teams CBA should play a hundred games during the season 2016. They will play 29 games against including training of the Junior League elite of Quebec. They will also participate in several tournaments in the US and Canada, including the national championship. During the fall season, they will tour in universities and US colleges. At the end of the winter of gym training period, both groups will complete their year with a trip to Arizona.

Obviously, Nicolas Dore rejoiced in thinking he could devote almost all his time in baseball in the coming months.

“I’m really happy, says Nicolas Dore. That was my goal. I wanted to be part of the team to achieve the greatest possible visibility.

“The CBA program has completely changed this year. The players who were in the CBA this season, like me, had the same opportunities as others to be part of either of the teams. For example, two CBA players this year were cut. Once the selection camp began, it was again our place. Players who have been selected are officially members of the CBA until April 2017. ”

Selecting Nicolas Dore is however a less good news for the Saguenay Voyageurs. The recipient belongs to this team LBJEQ, but he can not wear his colors or even participate in their training camp. It will focus only on the team of 18 and under the Baseball Academy of Canada.

“Our one team will be that of ABC,” notes one who left the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean in August to continue his education and his athletic career in Montreal.

“I learned my Selection Sunday, after games at Olympic Stadium. It was a great experience. Two hours earlier, players who are paid millions were on the same field as me. I had the chance to talk a bit with some players of the Boston Red Sox during batting practice. ”

In the coming months, Nicolas Dore evolve under the direction of Dave Dufour, Yannick Desjardins and Sebastien Rivest. For their part, Robert Fatal Michaël Belanger and Jacob Gosselin-Deschenes support the effective operation of the team of 17 and under.

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