A blueberry producer claims $ 1M

1157480The blueberry producer of La Dore, Daniel Gobeil, is suing for $ 1 million against blueberry processors Lac-Saint-Jean.

The companies covered by Gobeil had first filed a lawsuit against the producer, following remarks made on the airwaves of radio station robervaloise CHRL. Wild Blueberries from Quebec, the freezing plant in St. Bruno, Bleuets Mistassini Bleuets Fortin and later abandoned the pursuit.

Daniel Gobeil and his attorneys believe that the renunciation of the use is due to the fact that the processors were forced to open their books.

“When it became clear, within weeks of the trial, they could not avoid the disclosure of this information, applicants abandoned their claim against Mr. Gobeil. A lawsuit which amounted to $ 360,000, “reads the petition filed in Superior Court by attorneys Daniel Gobeil. The case was to be heard on 4 April.

Freedom of expression

Also according to the lawyers of the producer, the action brought by processors “was only intended to restrict freedom of expression in a public debate of context on practical transformers.”

Daniel Gobeil wanted to know the selling price of blueberries and processing costs to determine if the producers were getting the right price.

Daniel Gobeil believes that the action was abusive, in addition to causing him stress and damage. The prosecution, he believes, was forced to pay large sums of money. It therefore calls for $ 1 million to companies and their shareholders in punitive damages and reimbursement of his legal costs.

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