A British Muslim family prevented from traveling to Disneyland

1110233A British MP denounced Wednesday that the US authorities have refused without explanation boarding in London a Muslim family on a flight to the United States where she had planned a vacation to Disneyland.

The family of eleven persons, two brothers and their nine children, had to embark on December 15 on a plane to Los Angeles, where she planned to visit relatives and to go to Disneyland.

But according to the testimony of one of the two brothers, Mohammad Zahid Mahmood, the BBC, a police officer warned the border at the last moment that they were denied boarding by the US authorities.

Mr Mahmood said he had received no explanation for this decision, as they were already registered for the flight, and denounced a case of discrimination.

“The fact that we were the only people in Asian or Muslim appearance in the tail and we were asked to leave, it was quite annoying. For children, it was very difficult to accept, “he has said.

“We did not know what to say to children,” he added in micro Skynews, evoking a sense of “frustration, anger and humiliation.” “We are a normal family, normal people, pay their taxes,” he added.

In The Guardian, Mr Mahmood said it was “because of the attacks in the United States, they think that all Muslims are a threat.”

He also explained that the cost of the trip, 9,000 pounds ($ 18 500), had not been paid to them.

In a statement, US Customs, not to mention this case in particular, indicated that more than 60 leaders to refuse entry existed in the US, including health reasons or previous criminal convictions.

“Religion, faith or spiritual beliefs of an international traveler are not determining factors for admission to the United States,” the statement said.

The Labour MP for the northern district of London where does Mr Mahmood, Stella Creasy, called on Prime Minister David Cameron Conservative to intervene with the US authorities, believing that such cases multiplied.

“The discussions on the internet or elsewhere show a growing fear that British Muslims are” trumpés “” Has she said, referring to the appeal of the Republican candidate for the White House Donald Trump impeding Muslim to travel to the United States. It found that the “global condemnation” that followed these remarks contrasted with “practice”.

A spokesman for Downing Street confirmed that the Prime Minister would “respond” to the request of the Labour MP.

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