A Canadian hostage in Afghanistan for 5 years, is released

attaque-revendiquee-insurges-produite-nonA Canadian detained by the Afghan Taliban for five years was released.

Colin Rutherford, 26, appears in a video unveiled by the Taliban. He was kidnapped in Afghanistan. Ottawa confirmed his death in February.

The Canadian government made the announcement Monday afternoon, while the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stéphane Dion, broadcast a statement to rejoice.

Colin Rutherford will soon return to Canada and join his family and relatives, assured the minister in his public comments.

Qatar Help

Mr. Dion also thanked the Qatari government for its assistance in this matter.

The circumstances and the exact date of Colin Rutherford kidnapping were never clearly defined. His disappearance in the province of Ghazni, widely infiltrated by Islamist insurgents in the center of the country, was only revealed in February 2011.

At the time, the Canadian government said Colin Rutherford, then aged 26, visited Afghanistan war as a mere tourist.

Mr. Rutherford was 26 at the time of his disappearance, Afghanistan, in November 2010. When they captured, the Taliban had claimed he was a spy, that the young man denied a published video recording in 2011.

Mr. Rutherford had explained that he traveled to Afghanistan because he was interested in the historic sites and architecture of the country.

His family lives in Toronto who had had no news since.

Canada was part of the international coalition fighting the Taliban, with around 3,000 troops deployed in the country. The last Canadian soldiers left Afghanistan in 2014.

It was not clear where the Canadian was currently, but Mr. Dion stressed that his government would help “to return home safely.”

The release of Colin Rutherford comes the day of the resumption of talks in Islamabad between Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the United States to revive the dialogue between the Taliban and the Kabul authorities.

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