A Canadian space rocket developed a plan in 1861

decollage-navette-spatiale-discovery-marsA historian of the space revealed that the rector of a Canadian university had developed a space rocket plane in 1861, 30 years earlier than the experts thought.

Robert Godwin said William Leitch, from Queen’s University in Kingston, had accurately described the concept in his writings.

The traditional history of space rockets, the first scientifically dates back to the late nineteenth century and was developed by a Russian, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and an American, Robert Goddard.

The two scientists said they had inspired Jules Verne, but Mr. Godwin says that the Canadian had published his ideas four years before the famous “space gun” by Jules Verne.

Mr. Godwin The findings were published in a book published Sunday, “The First Scientific Concept of Rockets for Space Travel”.

Mr. Leitch, a scientist, a good understanding of the law of “action and reaction” of Isaac Newton, who predicted that the rocket would work best in space.

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