A candidate Block is defending itself to be a “magic voodoo”

kedina-fleury-samson-quon-voitiKedina Fleury-Samson laughs at the end of the wire when asked if she is a voodoo magician. Nevertheless, the candidate of the Bloc québécois feels a certain discomfort. “It is cliché. I’m black, I mention the word “magic” and as soon as, it is said that I do voodoo,” sighed she.

The origin of this rumor, a page Facebook of “Living between 2 worlds” of Rivière-du-Loup, which took place in September 2014. On this page, which is now a candidate in Avignon-La Mitis-Matane-Matapédia proposed to the participants of the event for a “ceremonial magic” through which she said to put people in contact with “the invisible”.

“My practice of magic is the result of a cultural interbreeding between Haiti and Quebec, we can read on this page. I work with the 4 elements and the universal movement. I can summon, to the needs of the task, my ancestors or those of the participant so it is best to be warned.”

During a telephone interview with The Press Sunday morning, Ms. Fleury-Samson insisted that she never asked for compensation for these ceremonies, and that it does not offer a counselling service. “Any person who says that I sell my services, it is a blatant lie. It goes against my basic principles.”

Ms. Fleury-Samson points out that she has never used the term “voodoo”. She says rather work “interiority”. “I believe in the strength of humanity. For example, in politics, we can make policies harmonious to the well-being of humanity. When I speak of magic, it is a magic universal, it means to work for the collective good.”

Return to the origins

The candidate, 36-year-old was born in Haiti and has been adopted by a family in quebec at the age of 3 years. She returned to her native village for the first time in 2011.

“It has done me well, a loop is made and I have developed a spirituality that makes sense in my way… But then to think that I’m having fun making voodoo dolls of my children! Ben see! I understand that it is fun to say that the Black region of voodoo, but there is a bit of fantasy or bias in there.”

Ms. Fleury-Samson has received racist insults on his page in Facebook in the beginning of the campaign. “I was treated dirty immigrant”, she says.

“On the one hand, there is criticism of the wooden language of the politicians, but as soon as one of them is out of the scope, it reacts. The policy should be accessible to anyone who wishes to advance the community. Yes, I have the color, and I prefer an authentic politician a politician is perfect, but fake, “she said.

She points out that she has served as a councillor for the City of Mont-Joli, from 2006 to 2012, and she is completing her master’s degree in studies of psychosocial practices. She is also the mother of five children aged 3 to 13 years old. “It’s frustrating that you attack my credibility,” says she.

However, it is not surprised by these rumours in full electoral campaign. “It’s part of the game policy,” she said. The question is: “These rumours are in the interest of who?””.

The Bloc québécois, it welcomes the nomination of this woman in an atypical and there is not a lot the case of his personal belief. “Take the abbot Gravel [a former member of the Block], no one has ever been to believe in the resurrection of Christ. The people voted for him because he was a person rooted in its community, popular with the people, and we find this element in Ms. Fleury-Samson”, stressed Dominic Vallières, press secretary of the party.

Proof that it is not a long memory for old mistakes and that she has a good sense of humor, the candidate confirms with a laugh that she has no dolls vodun of his political opponents and that if she wins the elections on 19 October, the magic won’t be there for nothing.

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