A cannabis producer could avoid the minimum sentence

coupable-juillet-2015The rehabilitation and good conduct Tommy Godbout Sherbrooke could allow it to avoid the minimum sentence of imprisonment that must be imposed following his guilty plea to a cannabis production deal.

The man, 22, who was struggling with an addiction to drugs, following the Quebec program of drug treatment under court supervision.

His lawyer Me Caroline Monette and the prosecutor to criminal prosecution Me Laila Belgharras have agreed that the court keeps track of the individual who was subjected to a closed detoxification program six months to overcome his addiction to drugs.

Tommy Godbout was back Tuesday before Justice Paul Dunnigan of the Court of Québec for its monitoring by the court.

Dunnigan The judge commended the accused for his journey before turning his back next May so that the two lawyers to file make comments on it.

Tommy Godbout was arrested at the scene of a cannabis production containing about 300 plants in Danville. He was responsible for overseeing the planting in a residence to pay drug debts.

Successful therapy

The accused pleaded guilty in July 2015 to the production of cannabis, drug possession and to charges of receiving stolen goods. A notice of minimum sentence of 18 months in custody was filed by the prosecution in this case.

“My client has a successful therapy. He wants to conquer his addiction to drugs. I got the consent of the prosecution in this case so that it is subjected to the program for the particular case of this individual who wants to rehabilitate, “says Me Caroline Monette, who notes that the Quebec program of drug treatment under judicial supervision is much used in the judicial district of Montreal and would benefit from being more in area.

The goal of the program is to “provide the court an alternative to the classic sentence pronounced by an offender’s rehabilitation plan, if the prosecutor and the offender agree. To link the court and addiction resources so that they work together in establishing the modalities of treatment, to account for their performance and to evaluate the success of treatment with regard to determining the sentence. To break the cycle linked to the problems of abuse or substance dependence, and criminal activity associated with it, for the implementation of strategies and initiatives under court supervision, including including therapy activities , rehabilitation and social reintegration, including support measures to accommodation, education and employment of the offender and support services to those around him, “says the website of the Ministry of Justice of Quebec .

Six months of closed custody for an assault on the iron bar

The 16 year old who has dealt two blows iron bar a student from high school Lighthouse in February has been sentenced to six months of secure custody at the lodge Val-du-Lac Estrie youth center.

Lise Gagnon judge of the Youth Division of the Court of Quebec has also imposed Wednesday at the Sherbrooke courthouse twelve months probation with monitoring the teenager at the expiration of his sentence.

The teenager pleaded guilty on February 23 to a charge of assault causing injury.

Counsel for the defense Me Melissa Gilbert explained to the court that this event had taken place in a particular context where the accused receiving threats for several weeks on the Internet from someone who would become his victim.

The assault occurred in a context of love triangle on February 10.

The conflict has degenerated to the point that the young person who was threatening chose to do justice by itself.

The accused was found to be the new love with the girl at the heart of this case. The latter left the victim for 14 years in the last month. In discussions on social media, the 14 year old would have it declared its intention to attack physically with her new lover.

This however did not wait to be a victim and took the lead to become the aggressor.

At the end of classes to 16 hours, he ran in high school in order to say Sara Rue iron bar moves to that would probably go after him.

The victim suffered facial cuts as small fractures to the nose and temple. He was taken to the CHUS to treat his injuries.

The teenager was detained in secure custody pending his sentence in court and writing pre-sentence report

He expressed his regret and remorse in court. The accused has also undertaken an anger management program in the Eastern Townships Youth Centre.

The accused has a criminal record introductory material break for which he was sentenced to community service.

Five free months for three years in the shade

Kevin Martin Turcotte Coaticook has five months of conditional release before ending up in the shadow for the next three years.

Arrested in mid-March on the scene of a methamphetamine lab along with Rémi Fontaine, Kevin Martin Turcotte pleaded guilty Wednesday in the production of methamphetamine pills, possession of methamphetamine and cannabis for the purpose of ‘trafficking, to have had in his possession a press methamphetamine and methamphetamine trafficking.

The prosecutor to criminal prosecution Me Marie-Andrée Ayotte and counsel for the defense Me Christian Raymond announced to Helen Fabi judge of the Court of Quebec that they would present him a joint suggestion of unconditional imprisonment in the folder.

In early September, Kevin Martin Turcotte will take the path of prison for three years.

Meanwhile, he was released under strict conditions.

He will meet a player in the Estrie rehabilitation center for his addiction to drugs, should undertake employment procedures, must go to the Sûreté du Québec twice a week, observe a curfew between 21 pm and 7 am, staying with his parents and does not communicate with his co-accused.

Remi Fontaine also been released under the same conditions with a deposit of $ 2,000.

Accompanied by several members of his family, Kevin Martin Turcotte had tears in his voice as he pleaded guilty to the serious charges against him.

The two individuals were charged on the sidelines of the dismantling of a methamphetamine lab on Ottawa street on March 17 in Coaticook.

During the search, the SQ has found 14,500 methamphetamine pills, more than 190 grams of powder can be used for the production of tablets, the equipment used in the production as well as 470 grams of cannabis on Ottawa Street.

The home of the other accused, 500 grams of cannabis were seized. The operation also took place in a vehicle as a Compton warehouse.

This is a several-month investigation began following information received from the public which led to the dismantling of methamphetamine laboratory.

Remi Fontaine file, which is represented by Alexandre Tardif, was postponed to 31 May.

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