A ceremony for the 20th anniversary of the death of Daniel Desrochers

jeune-daniel-desrochers-ete-blesseSome people gathered Sunday morning in the courtyard of the school Saint-Nom-de-Jésus, in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Daniel Desrochers, a victim of the biker war.

On 9 August 1995, the 11 year old boy was playing with a friend in front of the Saint-Nom-de-Jesus when a parked vehicle exploded. Daniel Desrochers was seriously wounded in the head. He died in hospital four days later.

Right in the war context of organized crime – the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine then disputed territory in the sale of drugs – the mother of Daniel Desrochers, Josée-Anne Desrochers, has embarked on a crusade against the bikers. She died at 40 in 2005 of complications from pneumonia.

The current mayor of Hochelaga, Réal Ménard, Bloc Québécois was at the time. He remembers the wave of indignation that the event had caused.

“Our citizens of Hochelaga were courageous in refusing resignation,” he said in the morning.

The explosion that killed Daniel Desrochers also killed the individual who Trouvat in the vehicle, Marc Dubé, in addition to hurt another person. But the killer would wrong target, Dubé is not the person who was killed. The perpetrator or perpetrators of this attack were never precisely known.

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