A child of six electrified at the Patro de Charlesbourg

jordan-pelletier-ete-brule-deuxieme(Quebec) A child of six was burned to the second and third degrees on both hands, Thursday afternoon, when he electrified by inserting a metal pin into an external power jack in the back yard Patro de Charlesbourg. Furious and stunned by what she calls “negligence”, the boy’s mother, who was still hospitalized on Thursday plans to continue the day camp.

Jordan Claveau-Pelletier, six years, played with friends around water features, at 13:30. Dozens of children were playing then in the same place, supervised by their instructors. The ratio is a companion and helper for up to 20 young.

Jordan and comrades suddenly spotted an outlet, a foot off the ground and without safety cap on a building located a few dozen meters from the water games. This is after travel incognito the small group began a dangerous arena.

“They gave themselves the challenges of putting pins in the socket and the boys said,” Come on, you’re not game to do that, and if you do not do it we will laugh at you! “” Said Alexandra told Pelletier, Jordan’s mother, in a story posted on Facebook on Thursday night.

After seeing a friend put one end of a pin – probably found at the scene – in the 120-volt outlet, inconsequential, Jordan bent the metal piece in two and each end inserted into the socket. He immediately received an electric shock, burning himself severely on both hands.

In tears and pain, the child was taken by ambulance to the Hospital of the Child Jesus, where he received treatment at the burn unit. Pictures shared by his mother on Facebook clearly show the marks of the pin and towering water blisters.

Accident or negligence?

Always on social networks, Ms. Pelletier has questioned the quality of supervision provided by the monitors. “In many field supervisors there were today, there was nobody who was watching what the group was doing, not even his instructor, and there, the unthinkable happened. […] The pin did what there? Field supervisors were where? Since when left children alone? “Was she asked.

Following the event, Ms. Pelletier will not dérougissait. “I do not call that an accident, I call it neglect. At tonne groups [they are

1,200 children enrolled at the Patro] and supervisors, I can not believe it happened, “she said, joined by Le Soleil.

She now plans to continue the day camp, although it initially plans to sit down with the leadership of the Patro to hear his story.

Certainly, there is no chance it again sends his Jordan in day camp Charlesbourg. “It’s over,” she ruled, before releasing a new litany of grievances. “There’s supposed camp patrol to circumnavigate the Patro whether Would there not dangerous objects precisely not that happen,” she said. And she still could not explain how two young people had the time to play with taking “to

30 feet from the monitor. “

Responding to the Sun from the hospital, Ms. Pelletier also confirmed that his son was still hospitalized yesterday. He was transferred to the CHUL and should be discharged today.

Patro reacts

Carole Pelletier, Executive Director of Patro de Charlesbourg, faced its responsibilities, yesterday. It is not denied and confirmed that the events were indeed produced in the words of the mother. But she refused to take full responsibility.

“Right now, I investigate what happened. Do Patro had a loss somewhere? [For now], I have no information that tells me that there has been a failure, “she has said.

Normally, safety caps protect the outer sockets. But not one with which Jordan Claveau-Pelletier and his friends were playing. “That one was not covered. The casing has been broken. I’m not able to say how long. ”

Patro has taken several actions on Thursday, triggering an internal investigation. The circuits connected to the building’s exterior outlets located near the fountains were turned off and will remain until further notice. An electrician came to inspect the decision must also submit a report to day camp. According to him, the circuit breaker has worked, what has probably helped the child in his misfortune.

The monitor or the instructor of the group of boys was met Thursday.

As for threats of prosecution, Executive Director of Patro said he understood the mother to be furious. “It’s very legitimate on his part [of being angry and wanting to sue us]. She will do what she will judge which is okay to do. “The two women spoke by phone Thursday morning.

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