A collision between a Greek patrol boat and a boat of migrants in 7 fatalities

enquete-doit-determiner-circonstances-exactesSeven people, including three children and an infant, drowned Thursday when their boat sank hit by a patrol of the Greek Coast Guard off the island of Lesbos, according to a new review of the port police.

One person was still missing and research carried out to find her in the late afternoon, according to the press office of the service.

According to a previous report published earlier this afternoon, port police said the body of a woman, two girls and a baby were found.

By mid afternoon, three more bodies were found, “that of a woman, a man and a child,” the source said.

The bodies of these new victims crossings between the Turkish and Greek coast were found during searches of the area by two Greek patrol assisted by a Portuguese ship and a helicopter Frontex border control European Agency .

The disappearance of eight people in the wreck was reported by 31 survivors collected after the collision by the Greek Coast Guard.

An investigation must determine the exact circumstances of the collision between the Greek ship high sea, 30 meters long and the wooden boat migrants off the town of Molyvos, in the north of Lesbos.

According to preliminary information provided by the port police, the occupants of the boat were attempting to flee the arrival of the patrol.

According to an AFP photographer who seized the shipwreck from the shore, and evaluates about two kilometers from the coast where the accident took place, the boat of migrants did not put more two to three minutes to sink.

The Coast Guard immediately tried to rescue people fell into the water, then a second rescue boat arrived on the scene within ten minutes followed by a helicopter, he said.

The balance of the Aegean drowning of migrants trying to reach Greece from Turkey continues to rise, with children and women as the main victims.

Wednesday already, a woman, a baby and a girl had drowned off the coast of Lesvos, after a boy a year, died on the night of Thursday to Friday in the same area.

Over 606,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean from January, according to latest figures from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), more than 466 000 to discuss Greece. More than 3,000 people died during the crossing, including 300 in the Aegean.

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