A Conservative candidate accused of racism against Aboriginal

richard-sagalaA Conservative candidate in the Montreal region, Richard Sagala, raised the controversy by saying that the delegation of authority in Nunavut was negative, violence in this area is comparable to that observed in South Africa, one of the country most violent in the world. “From ignorance and racism,” complains a Liberal candidate Inuit origin.

During a debate held on October 1 in the riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Westmount, the candidate Richard Sagala was questioned about the need to conduct an investigation on missing Aboriginal women. Defending the Conservative record affecting First Nations, he then said that all governments had struggled to address the problems of indigenous peoples, citing as an example the delegation of powers in Nunavut, a failure in his eyes.

“Nunavut is not a good experience. The violence there is comparable to that in South Africa. Imagine it is 1000 times higher than in Canada. You know, we tried to delegate some power, and this is what happened, “said the candidate.

These remarks have boosted the Liberal candidate in Nunavut Hunter Tootoo.

“It is ignorance, racism. It’s disgusting, annoying to hear someone speak in Canada and Nunavut and First Nations people. There is no room for false and insulting comments about the Inuit or other indigenous people. “This immediately demanded an apology from Prime Minister Stephen Harper for what his candidate.

“Making a connection between the missing and murdered Aboriginal women and the Nunavut foundation, question the very existence of Nunavut and refer repeatedly to” them “talking of indigenous peoples, this is frankly disgusting,” said added Mr. Tootoo.

After verification, the crime rate in Nunavut is actually higher than in the rest of Canada, but much less than in South Africa. According to Statistics Canada, there have been in the country murder 1.45 per 100 000, against 10.93 in Nunavut.

In comparison, the murder rate in South Africa is 33 per 100,000 inhabitants. The country thus ranks among the 10 most dangerous in the world.

In an email sent to La Presse, Richard Sagala said he wanted to “clarify his remarks. I fully support the delegation of authority in Nunavut announced by the Conservative government. […] We were the first government to develop a Northern Strategy that northerners can make choices that affect their lives. ”

Our questions to the parallel drawn with the violence in South Africa, however, remained unanswered.

The Conservative Party was satisfied with clarification of its candidate.

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