A counselor, as a doctor of personal finance

-farley-presidente-chef“He who is advised by a financial representative for 15 years, saw its assets increase of 173% compared to one that does not deal with a representative,” it said in a study of the Interuniversity Research Centre analysis on organizations (CIRANO).

It is on this statistic as President and CEO of the Chamber of Financial Security (FSB), Marie Elaine Farley, relies to demonstrate the relevance of using an advisor when it comes to managing our finances personal.

“We must raise awareness of the importance of planning finances and save because as we know, money does not grow on trees. People are sometimes embarrassed to ask their advisor when they should not hesitate. Finance is complex and it is the work of counselors take the time to answer all their questions, “says Mrs. Farley who was visiting Sherbrooke last week as part of a regional tour.

The CSF is a self-regulatory organization whose mission is to protect the public by maintaining discipline and overseeing the training and ethics of its approximately 32,000 members including 1,100 engaged in Estrie. They exercise in five disciplines and registration categories: brokerage, savings, collective, financial planning, insurance of persons, group insurance of persons and brokerage scholarship plans.

“The best financial advisors are those who take the time to ask you questions to get to know you. Knowing your goals and needs. For a couple with children and those without children do not have the same needs. Same for a 35 or 65. It’s like a doctor. The good doctor will take the time to ask you questions about your condition when you go to visit a cough. It takes care of your health, while the counselors take care of your financial health, “says Mrs. Farley.

Several members of the region are actively involved in the Chamber and Ms. Farley has used his visit to the region to discuss with them possible solutions to promote savings Estriens.

The president of the CSF also underlined the creativity of some of the initiatives estriens members, such as the Academy of treasure, a nonprofit organization created by Dominique Asselin. “The organization is going to young people and offers them free training in finance. It aims to improve literacy and consumer awareness, “she notes.

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