A cyberpedophile flushed out by a technician Bureau en Gros

cyberpedophile-christian-blackburn-ete-condamne(Quebec) Collector videos inspired “loathing and disgust,” a 67-year cyberpédophile will serve six months in prison.

Christian Blackburn, 67, of Quebec, has been caught in 2011 when he brought his faulty computer at Staples. The technician did not have to look far to find if explicit videos he immediately alerted the police.

Analysis of Blackburn computer would reveal that through sharing software, the software was downloaded and made available 50 child pornography videos.

“The only description of the videos made by the interviewers enough to provoke disgust and repugnance without even view a single image,” summarized the judge Jean-Louis Lemay, in making its decision on punishment.

For example, on a video, you can see the man engaging in sexual staging and masturbating beside a girl less than two years.

Christian Blackburn pleaded guilty in December to possession and distribution of child pornography.

At its first meeting with the probation officer responsible for writing the report to inform the judge on sentencing, Blackburn said he had unwittingly downloaded child pornography videos in wanting access to music.

Subsequently, he argued that he had been pushed by the curiosity. Finally he shows open today undergo therapy. There is also obliged under probation for three years.

Even though it is less serious than the production, possession of child pornography shall be severely repressed, Lemay said the judge. The judge also endorsed the remarks of the Supreme Court wrote in 2001 in Sharpe, a landmark decision in the matter, that “by trivializing the abominable and soothing the conscience, exposure to Child pornography may seem normal what is not normal, acceptable and what is immoral. ”

An “audio recovery” to sort fact from fiction
Hockey referees have the video replay; judges, they have access to almost all live recordings of court hearings across the province. What is sometimes very useful to sort out fact from fiction. Seeing Blackburn Tuesday that the accused did not recognize one of his past convictions, Judge Jean-Louis Lemay has interrupted the hearing, saying he would conduct an audit.

The magistrate returned a half hour later and asked the clerk to be heard at all a session recorded in Sept-Îles courthouse in January 2006. We could clearly hear Judge Michel Parent condemn a Christian Blackburn 90-day sentence to be served intermittently for conduct during prohibition. Debate closed.

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