A doctor CHUL sued for $ 818,000

selon-avocats-plaignante-dre-laetitia(Quebec) A rheumatologist CHUL been a continuing $ 768,000 brought by a patient who underwent surgery open heart twice after prescription and the prolonged use of a yet-reported drug against for his condition. The complainant alleged that the specialist has not made adequate follow despite the emergence of alarming symptoms, and having carried out “at the point of death.”

Arthritis associated with Crohn’s disease, which she knows reached since 2001, Stephanie (fictitious name), then aged 38, was followed for several years by Dr. Françoise Noëlline Laëtitia Michou, the Hospital of Université Laval (CHUL).

During a consultation, 10 July 2012, the rheumatologist change his medication and prescribed intravenous injections of Remicade (infliximab), a recommended drug to patients with heart failure. The first injection is scheduled for July 30 to Osteoporosis Centre and Rheumatology Quebec (Corq).

Two days before her first treatment, Stephanie suffers a tachycardia episode and consult a cardiologist, who makes the diagnosis. The first dose of Remicade is still administered on schedule.

“In the days following the first injection, Stephanie began to show symptoms of shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sweating, headache, decreased energy and fatigue, swelling in the legs, knees and ankles […], all accompanied by pain, “it said in the originating motion filed in Superior Court on 24 July by the Tremblay Bois Lemay Mignault cabinet.

Followed in parallel by the University Institute of Cardiology and Pneumology of Quebec (IUCPQ), the complainant shows mid-August the signs of a mild heart failure, at the limit of normality, but is not informed . Follow up with the cardiologist ends thereafter.

A second injection of Remicade will be lavished on August 22, after which the symptoms experienced in the last days will get worse.

“Several alarming symptoms”

Stephanie again visit Dr. Michou in mid-September. She reports “all his symptoms.” But the doctor would have “done nothing, said nothing, explained nothing.”

“Dr. has nevertheless noted several alarming symptoms. It noted “with cardiologist view” […] but did not check, did not require any examination or consultation, continued Remicade and did not follow up cardiology care ” , criticized the prosecution. Stephanie would thereby “remained blind to the situation.”

After two injections of Remicade, the latter returns to the office of the rheumatologist in mid-November. Her symptoms continued to worsen only. The patient is still part of his state but still without reaction of Dr. Michou, alleges the petition. A fifth and final dose of Remicade will be provided in early December.

A month later, Stephanie finds himself on a hospital bed, “at the point of death”, showing heart failure “terminal” and “refractory to medical treatment.” Remicade is immediately stopped for good.

Stephanie will be made open heart a few days later so that he installed a mechanical heart, his being too damaged. A report

the IUCPQ prove later that heart failure in the thirties was amplified by “toxicity Remicade.”

After receiving a report of adverse effects of Corq for the case of Stephanie, the maker of Remicade has himself blamed the rheumatologist CHUL. It reminded him “that she could not ignore and should have known from the outset”, namely that he was against-indicated for patients with heart failure.

Dr. Michou “made mistakes in monitoring, care and treatment provided to Stephanie,” settle the lawyers of the complainant. “She abandoned his patient.”

Stephanie from live with permanent sequelae. She quickly run out of steam and would live with a constant concern in connection with the damage to his heart. Although it has more mechanical heart, it believes that all spheres of life are affected. She also had “very afraid of dying” during the 2012-2013 events.

She claims $ 768,000 for all wrongs, while his spouse asks $ 50,000 in damages to Dr. Michou, for a total of $ 818,000 lawsuit.

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