A “fake doctor” recidivist bothers about the profession

palais-justice-quebec(Quebec) The College of Physicians wants to end John Paul Lavoie, a fake doctor repeat offender who claims to have a machine that can analyze 12,000 data (physical, mental or astral), containing 200 therapies, and having the ability to detect and then treat pain instantly.

After dropping five illegal practice of medicine charges against Jean-Paul Lavoie one month ago, the College of Physicians (CDM) asked Tuesday morning at the Quebec City courthouse, a permanent injunction to prevent ask acts reserved for members of the professional order.

If the judge of the Superior Court granted the injunction, the defendant must show the court decision on the window of his clinic, located at 1234 Avenue Rodolphe-Forget, in the Sillery neighborhood and cease to operate.

The CDM is thus considered as Lavoie has not learned from his past convictions and the sentences have not had the intended deterrent effect.

The sexagenarian Quebec pleaded guilty to three counts of illegal practice of medicine charge in 2006 and was convicted for the same offense in February. For his most recent conviction, a fine of $ 7,000 was imposed. The CDM demanded exemplary sum of $ 20,000.

This, however, another conviction would not have prevented Lavoie to resume his illegal activities, according to the new charges of CDM. Anyone who has declared that “the Colleges of Physicians in North America kill one million people a year” was the subject of an investigation in late March after a complaint was filed against him, a month after his conviction.


As part of the investigation, an investigator CDM contacted Jean-Paul Lavoie at his clinic March 26 to request an appointment. During the telephone conversation, he reportedly said that his machine, a laptop plugged into a system SCIO – presented on the Internet as a bio-resonance equipment – worth, data, $ 700 million. He also announced that the meeting will cost $ 200, payable in cash.

During the appointment, three days later, he set straps ankles, wrists and head of the investigator, using a false identity. Lavoie informs it detects “problems intestines,” said an affidavit outlining the facts reported by the representative of the CDM.

When the false patient notices the presence of an electrocardiogram on the screen, he says “it has the heart tired of having too much loved.” “In this regard, the investigator asked the defendant if something is wrong with his electrocardiogram, to which he replied that there was a problem at first, but the machine was fixed.”

A series of ailments is also detected: a weak immune system strength, muscle disorders, viral infection as a kidney stone, etc.

To “restore his system,” Jean-Pierre Lavoie advised him a product named “MMS”, which would be best to “bring his virus to normal.”

After analysis of the report of the investigator, the MDC decided to drop five charges, accusing the man of having diagnosed the disease, medical treatment and determined to have prescribed medications, doctors acts reserved for members.

The professional association is asking the court to impose penalties and costs totaling $ 92,850 for the five counts.

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