A father mourns the loss of child care for her son

dont-fils-cinq-ansParents whose five year old son is experiencing behavioral problems are left without care. The student’s father deplores “find themselves between two stools” as his boy yet attends a school that serves students with behavioral disorders. While stating that proposals have been put in place to accommodate parents, the School Board of the Region de Sherbrooke (CSRS) argues that it has no obligation to provide the children with care.

The boy started school this year: it has aggressive behavior, but as he began his schooling, no diagnosis has yet been made.

He has problems with transitions, describes his father. For example, if the group of students comes out and back in class, her son can throw a tantrum, he illustrates.

His son began to show signs of aggression at the age of two years, while attending the daycare.

Long before their son began his schooling, parents led different approaches for support, including psychoeducation.

The child was first enrolled in a school of the CSRS. But it was not able to adapt and could not offer him the necessary support, as the father of the student, which one was the identity not to identify the child.

He says his wife left him and their son from school for a while because of the problems experienced and the many phone calls from the school. The boy was moved to another school at the beginning of the school year.

The facility where it was moved hosts including students with behavioral disorders.

Before we announce to parents that they would no longer entitled to childcare, their son had access part.

“We are in a suitable school, but no resource to care. It is not normal to have a service center that is able to serve clients (targeted)! “Laments the father, who stressed that the decision has a financial impact on the family. The parents ‘out’ their son daycare before there is more access on 24 March.

Director of the communications department at the CSRS, Diane Blais ensures that much work has been done before coming to such a decision, however, is not final. Psychoeducator had especially made adjustments in his schedule to accompany the child to daycare.

“There have been many meetings, interventions, people who have worked with the child. It was very difficult, “she says adding that children were physically and verbally violent behavior and that the” situation has degenerated. ”

“This withdrawal is not final,” however, notes Ms. Blais stressing that the situation could change if the child’s behavior improves.

“Many things have been tried,” she observes.

She added that appropriate care require much smaller than a regular daycare ratio. Schools, however, have no obligation, either for regular child care or suitable.

The father said that he does not have to work against the school, but against the loss of child care.

It has a complaint to the Student Ombudsman.

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