A final worthy of the name

offert-lions-lac-saintLions du Lac St-Louis and Cantonniers Magog give their money to hockey fans following the final four seven Midget AAA Development League Quebec.

Whether in the first game won 4-3 by the Lions or the second which ended 2-1 in favor of Magogois, I do not know an amateur who has remained on his appetite. Both parties whose outcome was decided in the very end of the third period and especially intense game as only the Midget AAA to offer. I’m not trying to sleep with my words of praise towards the product midget. Believe me, chances are slim that you fall into the arms of Morpheus when you sit in the stands to watch a part of Denis Baillargé circuit and even less in the final far from disappointing my faith.

In Magog as elsewhere, the crowds increase when the team reached the final. The presence of the final Cantonniers league this year has repatriated many sports Magog and the area I had not seen for a long time in a Midget AAA game.

There are about ten years and more, the most frequent comments that echoed in my ears revolved around the physical play. Fans were shocked at the number of body checks that were distributed in the Midget AAA. Ten years later, the discourse has changed and now is the speed of the players and the speed of execution that amaze fans, especially those who return to the fold. As for the intensity displayed by the players, not need to be a connoisseur to realize that the word slow not part of the vocabulary of these 15, 16 and 17. And I do not even speak of the quality of play offered by the teams, in this case the Lions and Cantonniers, run by experienced coaches.

How to explain this? At 15, 16 and 17, the Midget AAA players are hungry. They have nothing before them and all want to be drafted by the QMJHL. Look no further.

Back on the final

Let no one say to me more than some Châteauguay and Antoine-Girouard for others are the fastest teams in the league. Sorry, but no one comes to the Lions ankle on that. Case closed. Captain Adam Fortier Capannelli and Gabriel, to name a few, literally flying on the ice. These two players, however, are in search of a goal in the final.


Players Lions showed signs of impatience and frustration when it does not work to their liking on the ice. As said the saying goes, not certain that they used to have a player in their pants for a whole game.


The power trio composed of Cantonniers Jordan Chabot, Tristan Kleine-Jakob Sinclair Fournier and disturbs a lot since the beginning of the final with his forechecking supported and well balanced physical play.


To those who wonder why one week between games 2 and 3, it is explained by one word: education. Many games were played during the week in the previous round. Like it or not, the concentration at school becomes more difficult. As the Telus Cup will begin only on April 18, that leaves three weekends to present the final Baillarge circuit with one game a week night will be Tuesday, April 5 in Magog.

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