A first album in 17 years

drummondvillois-aleksandarAt 17 years old, the Drummondville Aleksandar Domuz just launched A Step into Eternity, an album that has funded with his little savings.

While these similar playing and partying, the young man from Croatia, convinced of his talent for music, was equipped, was inquiring and improved his art in order to record a first album.

“Many of my friends have chosen to shows and participate in contests, but it did not suit me. I am first a creator before being a singer, “he says.

Over the years, the young artist

bought piece by piece the equipment necessary for the development of its recording studio. He isolated a part of the family house in order to perfect the acoustics. He estimated about $ 2000 the amount invested. He also obtained the advice of music teachers from Collège Saint-Bernard, he frequents, and the Cégep de Drummondville.

“Seriously, Drummondville, this is the place to make music: there are so many resources and musicians! It’s easy to get help and talk of his passions, “he testifies.

Since March 2015 the young Domuz wrote the lyrics, the melodies creates, saves, compiles and changes to achieve the desired result. A Step into Eternity is an album of new tracks totaling 53 minutes. As its title suggests, it is entirely in English, even if the author knows that the language will be a barrier to radio success.

“Sometimes I write in French and I do not rule one day to record songs in French, but I find it easier to let myself be inspired by English. This is my creative language “, he means.

Pink Floyd and Radiohead

To write text, Aleksandar Hormuz was inspired by his teenage years, strong emotions he experienced, his joys, his sorrows, his loves. Musically, he was influenced by alternative and progressive works of Pink Floyd and Radiohead, two of the groups he worships.

If he already has himself been part of musical groups, young Drummondville chose to go it alone this time. He himself has recorded all the instruments that can be found on the album.

“It does not happen without work. I rehearsed a lot to get what I wanted. I now control well the instruments for recording. I prefer to work alone, I am under the impression of wasting my time. I am more effective, “he said.

Aleksandar Domuz is a class first: he scored above 90 percent in most of his classes. so it was not too difficult to be accepted in music at Cégep de Drummondville.

He owes his passion for music with his parents who introduced him to Elvis Presley when he was a child. “I saw my mother sing and dance to the rhythms of Elvis and I thought I wanted to be the King in my turn,” he says.

Now that her album was released, Aleksandar Domuz intends to increase its presence on social networks to publicize his art. It will also try to win some contracts shows.

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