A first debate moderated at UQAC

-chicoutimi-pierreThe first debate of the election in Chicoutimi, without being heated, has led to several exchanges between the PQ and Liberal Mireille Jean T. Francyne Gobeil, who were able to discuss their views on issues affecting the environment, economy and education.

The two-hour debate was organized by the Movement of Student Associations General of the Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi (MAGE-UQAC) from 16 am to 18 pm Wednesday. The room UQAC bar was packed for the occasion, for the first time political confrontation.

Of the six candidates, the debate were both absent: Helene Girard, candidate of the CAQ, and Catherine Bouchard-Tremblay, national candidate Option (ON). The team Hélène Girard said the candidate was not available, while Catherine Bouchard-Tremblay had confirmed his presence but had to go to hospital because of health problems, she mentioned organizers of the debate.

The four candidates present, Mireille Jean Parti Quebecois (PQ), T. Francyne Gobeil of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), Pierre Dostie Québec solidaire and Alex Tyrrell, the Green Party of Quebec, had received the themes and issues to ‘advanced.

The debate was divided into three thematic blocks, environment, economy and education. For each block, candidates sitting at a table, were asked in turn to the first question and then discuss a second question for a period of 15 minutes.

Moreover, the debate scheduled for Thursday at the Cegep de Chicoutimi was canceled.

Economic development

About economic priorities, Mireille Jean stressed the need to enhance the intelligence and expertise of individuals and entrepreneurs. Do not rely only on natural resources and heavy industry, she also advanced.

“We have the natural resources, we must not underestimate the impact […], must be used, but must also break free. Companies that live only in Alcan are weakened, “she said.

The three economic priorities Francyne T. Gobeil are “employment, wealth creation and economic development.” She says sharing the vision of the Liberal Party and mentioned several times that the budget minister Leitao contained several measures beneficial to entrepreneurs.

Pierre Dostie said his side the importance of innovation in the food sector. “I think we should encourage farm experiences supported by the community and increase the markets where people can buy directly,” he argued.

Alex Tyrrell then drew attention to the treatment of waste from large industries and the development of public transit.


The mode and nature of university funding has occupied the last third of the debate. The PQ candidate, Mireille Jean, ruled in favor of the free school, a principle that its analysis gone, she said. The Green candidate, Alex Tyrrell, also supports free education.

Pierre Dostie for his part denounced the education cuts affected all levels from early childhood services to universities.

Education has been the subject of most of the questions posed to the candidates by the public, mostly composed of students and teachers. Asked about the Liberal government’s education policy and its commitment to increase the variety of programs at UQAC, Francyne T. Gobeil said she planned to work the case, but she could not yet say how .

“I am not here today to tell you how we will do, there are several things to analyze, but I tell you I am a tenacious and positive woman, and when I’m working something I go to the before, “she argued. “That’s nice, but it borders on magical thinking,” replied Mireille Jean, claiming that the Liberal government will release funds for this type of commitment.

Debate on the LNG project Quebec

The industrial complex project liquefaction in Grande-Anse has raised the tone somewhat between the PQ and Liberal candidates. Francyne T. Gobeil in favor “100%” of the project. “It will help reduce greenhouse gases. That project, when we know the good is an alternative energy [from] the cleaner, “she said.

“It is safe, non-explosive and non-toxic. It is a gas which can not go into the water, it evaporates. It can not be polluting, “she added, an assertion that green candidate then wanted to correct.

Mireille Jean for his part, argued that it was premature to argue that it was a “good project”. The project can not be dismissed out of hand, but it must exercise strict environmental assessment. The region must also be ensured that the project’s benefits will not benefit entrepreneurs from outside the region, she argued.

Pierre Dostie and Alex Tyrrell for their part oppose firmly the project. Candidates of Québec solidaire and the Green Party also joined several environmental and social issues throughout the debate.

Cegep de Chicoutimi canceled the debate

The debate organized by the student association of the Cégep de Chicoutimi, scheduled for Thursday was canceled, since half of the candidates for election have decided not to participate.

Candidates Francyne T. Gobeil PLQ, Hélène Girard of the CAQ, and Catherine Bouchard-Tremblay national Option declined the invitation, stated Wednesday evening Montmaurs Valentin, president of the General Association of Students Cégep de Chicoutimi.

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