A former CEO of Montreal is back in action in Saint-Bruno

guy-hebert-entrera-officiellement-fonctionThe municipality of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville just retain the services of the former general manager of the City of Montreal, Guy Hébert, who resigned following political turmoil in 2013.

The hiring of Mr. Hébert was approved last Wednesday at a special meeting of council. This decision follows a selection process carried out in an emergency, do we explain to the City of Saint-Bruno.

“We had to fill it as soon as possible strategic position,” said the spokesman of the City, Martine Verdon. Executive Director Hélène Hamelin has abandoned his post for “confidential reasons” on July 23, and for an indefinite period.

So, M.Hébert has a six-month contract that could be extended. “Following is unknown,” admitted Ms. Verdon.

A selection committee of officials has been set up quickly and made a recommendation in just over two weeks. Six people were solicited or have applied, as was the case for Mr. Hébert. Only two of them have been called for an interview. On August 13, the councilors were invited to meet with Mr. Hébert and hiring was made official a week later.

A former mayor colleague

Mayor Martin Murray, former finance department official of the City of Montreal, where he met Guy Hébert and with whom he said he had “collaborated” limited himself to comment in a statement. He first praised the skills of his former colleague, a “high-level manager at the outstanding performance,” and also pointed out that Mr. Hébert had resigned from his position of General Manager for the City of Montreal “at the end of an episode of great movement, exonerated. ” “This has my full support and that of my team,” wrote the mayor of Saint-Bruno.

In March 2013, La Presse revealed that Mr. Hébert had intervened with the Government of Quebec for the head of head of the Police Service of the City of Montreal (SPVM) then, Marc Parent. It was a replica of audits by the SPVM and targeting Mr. Hébert, who had strenuously denied having done so, supported by the then mayor Michael Applebaum. But it was not counting a few hours later, the public confirmation of the government’s intervention Guy Hébert. He had then resigned.

In Saint-Bruno, Mr. Hébert will take office on August 31.

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