Former financial security advisor pleads guilty to fraud

1106966Former financial security advisor Carole Morinville, who was accused of defrauding investors sixty, pleaded guilty Thursday to the courthouse in Montreal, to one count of fraud and one of forgery.

The lady of 55 years was suspected of masterminding a fraud of over $ 3 million.

The case caused a stir when the actress Karine Vanasse was among the alleged victims.

Advocacy was obtained in exchange for the abandonment of several charges; Carole Morinville was facing ten charges since 2011.

The representations on sentence were set at 11 February.

The legal troubles Ms. Morinville last a long time. In June 2013, the court forced her to pay more than $ 1.6 million to the AMF, which had repaid 32 of his victims.

The AMF was then turned to the courts to recover the sums paid.

Carole Morinville had been temporarily removed by the Chamber of Financial Security in 2010, radiation was made permanent in 2012 after the Chamber was convicted of a series of offenses in October 2011, especially appropriate to have are entrusted by clients for offering an investment that certification was not authorized to offer, for being placed in a conflict of interests by seeking an investment in a company that was owned and obstructing an investigator of the House.

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