A former Green Party returns home after an attempt to block

jean-cloutier-croit-quil-possible(Quebec) Banner Bearer of the Canada Green Party in Louis-Saint-Laurent at the polls in 2008 and 2011, Jean Cloutier failed in its attempt to represent the Bloc Quebecois in the same division for the October 19. Never mind, he still try to beat the Conservative Gérard Deltell, but again for the formation of Elizabeth May.

“Never two without three,” says the colorful character on the line. Mr. Cloutier has been confirmed in late Thursday that he knew from the beginning of the week: the Bloc Québécois his candidacy was rejected, since it has failed to collect the required number of signatures so that half of them were rejected. His rival in the race for the nomination to be held on August 29, the lawyer specializing in municipal law, Ronald Sirard, was elected by acclamation.

“It is sure that if the Bloc had wanted to have the former Green Party leader [of Quebec], having a holder

Green speech in the region, he had hands, “lamented

Mr. Cloutier, who would have preferred that the appointed candidate rather than doing it through the nomination process.

Do doing neither one nor two, he immediately said that he was leaving the party of Gilles Duceppe and he would try to return to the Green Party of Canada (SSC) for which he appeared in the last two elections. “It’s like with a spouse, when one does not feel desired, it may be better to stop showing interest,” says one who said both independence and green while advocating that these allegiances are not irreconcilable. He believes any way for the Bloc or PVC, the goal is the same, namely to beat the conservative and former caquiste Gérard Deltell.

Few of his opponent Interest

His opponent in the nomination and could well be in the riding, Ronald Sirard thinks “very little” of the decision of Mr. Cloutier. “I thought the Green Party was federalist”, he simply dropped while wishing him luck.

Mr. Sirard first wanted to represent the constituents of Thérèse-De Blainville in the Laurentians, but has withdrawn due to a scheduling conflict the day of the inauguration. The resident of Quebec teaches at the Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR) pavilions Lévis and Trois-Rivières and worked as a lawyer specializing in municipal law for the Picard-Sirard-Poitras office. In 2012, he criticized the mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume, calling him “Don Quixote municipal labor relations” in an open letter published in La Presse. Today, he believes that the first magistrate of the city was tidy.

The Bloc candidate looked forward to discussing with Mr. Deltell, who seems not to understand, he said, that Quebec could become the capital of a country. “This is tens of billions of dollars that could be brought here,” says the lawyer, who believes to be able to undo that considered a star in the troops of Stephen Harper in Quebec.

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