A ghost? What ghost?

theatre-programme“Where goes the world if one does not believe in ghosts? “

This is one of the issues raised in the play The Canterville Ghost, freely adapted from a news nineteenth century the Irish writer Oscar Wilde and performed on Thursday evening by a group of students in Arts and Letters, profile theater, college of Sуminaire de Sherbrooke.

This play, adapted by the theater of the 4 corners, is a satire on the clichés of horror and is presented as part of a graduation show. Its preparation took more than 200 hours of interpretation work of the seven students who participate. They have also designed the sets, props and costumes with the help of the lecturer and the head Guylaine Carrier workshop Jean Francoeur.

“The author had fun with gothic atmosphere and showcases a rich American family, which bought the old mansion where Canterville ghost trying to scare them, but without success. In fact, they do not care about the lion’s ghost! “Says Patrick Quintal, director and head of Arts and Letters program, theater profile.

“It’s as if the mystery would disappear and that the world was now focused on consumption and materialism,” adds Patrick Quintal, also prolific actor and playwright.

“This is a big project for the second-year college students. They now have the basis and then make their career choices, “says Patrick Quintal.

Moreover, several actors of the play are destined to the arts and communications, including Maude St. Lawrence, who will study in interpretation, and William Saumur, who will undertake a Bachelor of Communications at the University of Montreal.

“This play there, it is a fantastic comedy with its aesthetic inspired by the horror films of the 50s,” he said.

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