A “GPS” for anti-Harper vote

stephen-harper-compagnie-sa-femme(Quebec) The Quebec Chapter of the Alliance of the Public Service of Canada (PSAC) has developed a technological tool inciting “keep out the Harper Conservatives.” A site accessible to its members, but open to all citizens.

Vice President of the Alliance for Quebec, Magali Picard, told the Sun that anyone interested in this process has to go on the website union to find what PSAC baptized “GPS” e. According to her, several thousand people have used it.

Interested parties need only enter their postcode to see if they remain in a targeted constituencies for the operation of “strategic voting”. If this is the case, a message appears.

The percentages for the voting intentions are attributed to each candidate. They come from the amalgam of the most recent polls. “Strategic voting is to vote for the party best placed to beat the Conservatives in YOUR constituency” says the message.

Data on soundings are renewed approximately every two days, said Ms. Picard. For lack of time, PSAC members from the rest of Canada (45 000 180 000 are unionized in Quebec) can only access the technological device.

Regional officials from the province this week however will write to their members to hammer the same message, again in a number of constituencies “targeted”. They invite the union “to be vigilant, to vote with their head to keep out the Tories.”

The Alliance is affiliated with the FTQ. She joined the offensive of the Federation of Workers of Quebec, engaged in a campaign “any-which-except-Stephen-Harper.”

Online on Thursday morning

The union Vice President said that the tool will be posted by the FTQ in the coming hours. A source at the Federation said that it will be done Thursday morning as the “votonsstrategique.ca”.

The FTQ has plunged into the electoral fray, just a few weeks. It recommends to support a dozen NDP candidates, considered the best position to undo the colors for the Conservative Party of Canada. The selected districts are mostly in the greater Quebec City region, including the South Shore, and the Lac-Saint-Jean.

Given the pace that makes the electoral race, commented Magali Picard, “it is possible that on the morning of October 19,” the implicit recommendation is to support a candidate other than the NDP, Liberal, for example.

“The goal remains the same: keep out the Tories [who are] dangerous to the middle class and the workers,” she argued. For cons, the NDP is still best placed to achieve this goal. “As of yesterday”, the option advocated by the plant is always “correct”.

The General Secretary of the QFL Serge Cadieux, he still believes that unless a collapse in the polls, unpredictable at the moment, in his view, the central maintains his message for the candidates of the New Party democratic.

“That may change, but it will make a marked difference. We do not support any political party, he reiterated. We are about strategic voting. “We have only the Montreal FTQ opted for a liberal, Anthony Housefather, who faces the Conservative Robert Libman, in Mount Royal.

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