A “last day of fishing” announced

-frere-denis-decedesSamed evening, the eve of the tragedy of Lake Magog, the Sherbrooke Real Frechette promised a pleasant day of fishing the next day, the last of the season.

Before going to bed, the 52 year old man wished good night to his friends on his Facebook page. The Sherbrooke wrote that he would “lie” to be fit for a “last day of fishing tomorrow.”

A few minutes later, his brother Alain suggested he go to bed not to sleep “on the fishing line,” Sunday morning.

On his personal Facebook page, Alain Frechette Monday thanked users for words of encouragement. He said he received the news of the death of his brother as “a ground shot in the forehead.”

Especially since his brother became his confidant to help him through a personal ordeal.

It mentions that the family did not want to give interviews to journalists of respect for his Real and Denis brothers both died in the waters of Lake Magog Sunday, as we know.


His death has obviously reacted on the internet social network.

Martin Gagnon mentioned that Réal Fréchette had really lived then its “true last day of fishing.” He noted that Mr. Fréchette went doing what he really loved. “I am sad to know that you will be gone. Watch over all your family and us. We will miss you. RIP my friend, I love you. ”

Alex-Sandra Guerette responded: “I love my uncle! I’ll think of you and old on us! ”

Denis Laplante wished him “a good journey.”

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