A law to abolish premiums and increase the salaries of elected

philippe-couillard(Quebec) Premier Philippe Couillard will proceed with the filing of a bill to abolish severance pay but raising members’ salaries, despite the lack of consensus between the parties.

It intends to implement the report of an independent panel on the remuneration of elected committee members include a retired judge of the Supreme Court, Claire L’Heureux-Dubé. This report was tabled two years ago in the National Assembly.

The Parti Quebecois rather demands the immediate tabling of a bill abolishing the transitional allowances for Members who resign during the mandate, except for exceptional cases. These are the famous severance, whose relevance has been questioned once more with the resignation of Liberal Robert Dutil this week. For its part, the future Quebec Coalition believes that it can adopt a bill whose effect is to increase the salaries of MPs while public finances are still in the red and that the government proposes to freeze teacher salaries and nurses for two years. The PQ and the CAQ, we want to postpone wage increases.

Condemning the attitude of other parties, Philippe Couillard said Wednesday it will drop still a bill. “On this issue, I would have preferred a consensus opposition. Unfortunately, (they) prefer to tarnish to demagogy and petty politics. We will file a bill and we will appeal to their sense of responsibility, “he said.

He wants to abolish “as soon as possible” severance pay, from the sanction of the law. But it must also address the global issue of the remuneration of elected officials at the same time. To get there, we must adopt it as a law implementing the report’s recommendations L’Heureux-Dubé.

The report recommends to increase the salaries of members of $ 88,000 to about $ 136,000 (as of 2013 amounts have been indexed since). That would be $ 272,000 for the Prime Minister and $ 218,000 for a minister. This increase would among other merging to pay the non-taxable expense allowance of about $ 16,000 – it would increase to $ 30,500 to cover the collection of the tax. The net increase of the salary would be just over $ 17,000, the report said. In return, the severance benefits – except for exceptional cases – would be abolished. Members should also bear 41% of the annual cost of their pensions rather than 21%. The maximum pension may not exceed 70% of salary instead of the current maximum of 100%. The Committee considers that the operation would be at no cost to taxpayers.

Philippe Couillard, there would be “a drop in the overall remuneration of elected officials.” The government has commissioned a study that amounts to $ 400,000 the savings that would result from the reform. “It saves taxpayers money,” said the Prime Minister.

His House leader, Jean-Marc Fournier, also argued that apart from the abolition of severance pay, all other changes in the remuneration of elected would come into force only after the next general election

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